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December 6, 2010 – Make a FREE Blog is an alias for the popular free blog hosting site, Blogger.

Blogger is owned by the search engine company Google. It is one of the leading free blog platforms on the web, along with WordPress, Movable Type and TypePad. If you are thinking of taking up blogging, these blogging platforms will make your life as a blogger much easier.

Blogger is a hosted blogging platform, meaning that your files are stored on Blogspot’s servers. When you create a blog, you need to choose a web address for your blog. This can be either a sub-domain of Blogspot (for example,, or a custom name that you own (for example, If you choose a sub-domain, Blogspot will create the URL for you, and you need not do anything. If you want to have a custom name, you need to either purchase the domain name through them during the registration process, or you will need to purchase a domain name through an independent domain name registrar such as GoDaddy. Once you have purchased the domain name, you need to alter the DNS settings so that they point to Blogspot servers (see instructions at for details). Once you have done this, anyone who types in your webblog’s URL in a web browser will get directed to Blogspot’s servers where they will see your blog. Note that if you have an existing blog at this site, you can also choose to migrate to a custom domain at a later date simply by changing the settings of the webblog. Blogspot will then seamlessly redirect your blog readers to your new custom domain name even if they enter your old Blogspot sub-domain.

All free blogging platforms basically provide a friendly user interface to help you write posts and administer your blog. Blogspots provide a web interface which allow you to draft and publish your posts, view any comments left by visitors, and automatically create an RSS feed which allows visitors with RSS readers to subscribe to your webblog. In addition to the web interface, Blogspot also has a template designer, which allows you to create a beautiful website design and graphics for your blog. The template designer allows you to choose a background picture, a column layout, and a color scheme to complete your template. You are free to mix and match colors and backgrounds to create the design that is most visually appealing to yourself and your readers.

Creating a free blog is simple at Blogspot, so head on to today to start your new blog.

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