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Www.yahoomail.com is the web address for internet users to access Yahoo Mail, a free email service provided by Yahoo! Inc.

Yahoo! Inc. is a Silicon Valley company and its headquarters office is in Sunnyvale, California. Since this company is not a privately-owned company, investors can trade its stock on NASDAQ and the symbol for its stock is YHOO. Even though Yahoo! Inc. is a US-based company, it provides many internet services which are used by people from all over the world. One of their most famous products is the Yahoo search engine. Some internet users may not know Yahoo Mail but most of them have tried searching the internet using Yahoo Search, one of the top 5 search engines available on the web. But actually the yahoomail e-mail service is also very popular worldwide. You may not personally have an account at Yahoo!Mail, but you may have received emails sent using Yahoo email services. Think about it: have you ever received an email sent from some email address from Ymail.com, Yahoo.com or Rocketmail.com? If you have, do you know all of the 3 abovementioned mail services belong to Yahoo! Mail?

What makes this email service so popular? There are at least two factors. First, it is free if you use their basic email service as long as you agree with all of their terms of service and privacy policy. Second, users can get unlimited storage space when using Yahoo Mail. This policy was first introduced in 2007. With this unlimited storage feature, you don’t need to worry that you are going to miss an in-bound email because of your account is full.

How to login to YahooMail accounts?
1. The Yahoomail sign in process is extremely easy. They provide multiple links to access the Yahoomail mail sign in page. For instance, www.yahoomail.com is an easy link to remember which will lead you to the Yahoomail.com sign in page directly. Other links for the Yahoo email account login include login.yahoo.com, www.ymail.com, yahoo.com/login, rocketmail.com and so on.
2. When you are on the Yahoomail login page, you just need to key in your Yahoo ID and your password to log into your email account. If you are using your own computer, you can check the box for “Keep me signed in” which can save you the hassle of signing in/out of your account. But if you share the computer with other people, you may not want to use this feature if you don’t want other people to read your emails.
3. To protect your privacy, Yahoomail has a feature allowing you to add a sign-in seal for your Yahoomail account sign in page which will prevent you from being a victim of a phishing site. To create your seal, you can add a text or an image. When logging into your email account, you will only trust the site showing your sign in seal text or image.
4. If you have difficulties to sign in your Yahoomail account, you may check the help section on the site. Follow their instructions, let them know what your problem and you may find the solutions that you need.
Link for YahooMail Mail Sign in: http://www.yahoomail.com

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