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November 15, 2010 – Wikipedia Espanol – Encyclopedia

Find the Wikipedia Espanol at
Wikipedia Espanol is established for Spanish speakers. All the content on the Wikipedia Espanol web site is written in Spanish. There are two ways to access this site. First, you can visit the home page of Wikipedia encyclopedia site at On this page, visitors can select the language they prefer to access the encyclopedia in. There are 10 languages that can be chosen from such as English, Espanol (Spanish), Japanese, Italian, French and so on. But as a multilingual encyclopedia, Wikipedia also covers many other languages. The easiest way to find the information about what you are interested in is to use the Wikipedia search box located on the main page. You type in your search keyword, select the language you prefer from the dropdown list and then perform the search. Second, when people want to visit it in a certain language, they can use the direct link to reach each language subdomain directly. For instance the hyper link for the Wikipedia Espanol page is and the link for the Wikipedia English is

What is Wikipedia?
It is an online encyclopedia project supported by Wikimedia Foundation, a US-based non-profit organization which has a headquarters office in San Francisco, CA. is the official web site for the Wikipedia encyclopedia project. This site has been on the web since 2001. All the contents on the site are generated by volunteers from all over the world. Anybody who visits can participate in editing its articles. People can contributetheir own knowledge, experience and information to the site and help to improve the accuracy and thoroughness of the information on the site. In the past 9 years, due to the contribution from millions internet users, the number of articles in Wikipedia encyclopedia has increased dramatically. Right now there are more than 3 million articles in English and 16 million articles in total on And this number is still increasing. Wikipedia encyclopedia is a web-based knowledge database and it is free to access for all the web surfers. This web-based encyclopedia is available in multiple languages. So no matter where you live and no matter which language you read or write in, if you like, you can write your own article and contribute to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia project. is a good web site to find answers to your questions online. To find the content related to your question quickly, you just make sure that you use a good keyword. Since almost all the related content on the site are linked together, you can easily to find all the information related to the topic you are interested in.

Website for Wikpedia Encyclopedia:

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