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August 20, 2010 – Printable Post-it Coupons

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Post-Its are those little pieces of note paper with a re-usable strip of adhesive at the back, so that you can remove and re-stick the notes wherever you want. Traditionally, they are yellow notepads, though they now come in multiple colors.

Interestingly, Post-It’s history began with a failure. In the late 1960s, scientists at 3M were reformulating their adhesive formulas, and one particular formula gave a weak adhesive that came off easily. This formula was widely regarded as useless, and was canned until the late 1970s, when someone had the idea of putting the weak adhesive behind little pieces of paper to use as movable notes. The first Post-Its came in yellow because the scientists used scrap yellow paper which was available to them. The product was initially a failure, because consumers were not used to the notes and could not think of uses for them. It became a success only after free samples were widely disseminated, and it became clear that the notes were very useful for lots of tasks, such as leaving messages, organizing thoughts, and jotting down to do notes. Today, they are a fixture of any office. In fact, PostIt has become so successful that 3M has made many derivative products from the same weak glue, including Post-It notes of many different colors and sizes, PostIt flags, and PostIt tags.

3M has even come up with a version of Post-Its with a stronger, but still removable, glue, and calls it PostIt Super Sticky Notes. The Super Sticky Notes stick better to rough and uneven surfaces, such as office walls and doors. All these products are available at the PostIt official website,

How to get Post-it coupons
At, you can also sign up for PostIt Perks, the PostIt Note fan club. Once you’re signed up, 3M will email you various special offers and promotions on their products. From time to time, they also offer printable Post-it coupons on for you to print out. So, to obtain PostIt coupons or join the PostIt Perks fan club, just go to

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