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October 13, 2010 – Play Mcdonalds Monopoly Sweepstakes Games Online – Play Mcdonalds Monopoly Sweepstakes Games Online

Many people like play sweepstakes games, especially when they are free to play. If you are one of them, you may want to visit to play the Mcdonalds Monopoly sweepstakes games online. Mcdonald’s Monopoly games can be played online at or at your local Mcdonald’s stores. Actually it is not a real Monopoly game and it is more like a sweepstakes game. When playing it, you try your luck by entering game codes and picking winning chances, and the computer system will decide whether you win or lose. If you are lucky, you will be the winner and you will win food and other great prizes. If you are unlucky, it doesn’t matter since you can always give it a try next time and you lose nothing.

Currently, the 2010 Monopoly Game at Mcdonalds is going on. If you play it in-store, you have to visit participating stores between Oct. 5, 2010 and Nov. 1, 2010. If you want to play the Mcdonald’s Monopoly game online, you can play it before Nov. 11, 2010. This Mcdonald’s offer is only good for people living in the United of States and Canada aged 13 years or older.

If you have never heard of 2010 Mcdonalds Monopoly games before but you want to play and win some food prizes, you may find the following instructions on how to play Mcdonalds Monopoly games online useful.

How to play Mcdonalds Monopoly games online or in-store
Visit your local Mcdonald’s stores and purchase Mcdonalds menu items which all have game stamps on their packagking. Usually there are 2 game stamps on a single item. Each game stamp will give you one Mcdonalds Monopoly game code. So this means that you can get two Monopoly game codes from one package. There are many Mcdonalds menu items participating this sweepstakes promotional event such as fountain drinks, Big Mac, Hash Browns, Chicken McNuggets, Smoothies and so on. As mentioned above, you can get the game codes by purchasing Mcdonald’s foods. But there are other ways that you can get free Mcdonald’s Monopoly game codes. For instance, if you want to play the 2010 Monopoly game for free, you can request your game codes by mailing to 2010 MONOPOLY Game at McDonald’s Game Piece Request, P.O. Box 49229, Strongsville, OH 44149-0229 before Nov. 1, 2010. Each mail-in request will get 4 game codes in the response mail. Besides the mail-in request, 2010 Monopoly free game codes may also be available at their office website or in the game communications.

After getting the game piece or game stamps, you peel it off and see the 11-digit game code inside.

Get internet access and pay a visit to

If you are an existing member of, use your email and password to log into your account first and then enter the game codes to play the instant win games. If you don’t have an account at the playatmcd website, you may need to create one for free. To register a new account, please  fill out a form with your information such as email address, name, address, phone number, birthday and so forth.

After signing into your account, you can play the instant sweepstakes game by entering your 11 digit game codes and hitting “enter code” button. After that, choose your winning chance by selecting one card from 3 cards offered and then confirm your choice. And the system will let you know whether you win anything or not. Besides the instant win games, you may also be qualified to participate in several sweepstakes such as $1 Million Roll Sweepstakes and Community Chest Sweepstakes. In your account, you can check history of your game activities and your results.

The detailed official rules of 2010 Monopoly game at Mcdonalds is available at At this web site, you can also preview the prizes you can potentially win. This web site can be viewed both in English and Spanish. For people who are curious to know how to play 2010 Monopoly game at Mcdonalds or how to claim the winning prizes, is a good online place to go to.

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