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November 27, 2010 – New Jersey Traffic Ticket Information Online | NJMCdirect is a web site for New Jersey residents to access their traffic ticket information on the web. The NJMCdirect (Municipal Courts of New Jersey) site is provided by the New Jersey Judiciary. This web page is hosted on the New Jersey Courts Online web site which can be accessed using or

If you are living in the state of New Jersey and have gotten a parking ticket or any other traffic ticket recently, you may find more information about your traffic ticket online at You also have the option to pay your parking or other traffic ticket fine on the NJMC direct site. But this convenient online payment service is fee-based. To enjoy the convenience, you need to pay a fee. How much “convenience fee” you need to pay depends on the penalty amount on your traffic ticket. In general, the higher your penalty amount, the higher the convenience fee you have to pay. For instance, if your penalty amount is in the range of $1 to $40, you have to pay a $1convenience fee to pay online. But if your penalty amount is more than $200, $4 is the amount that you need to pay for the fee, and it is also the maximum amount charged.

When visiting, you need to get two things ready. One is your parking or traffic ticket, the other is your license plate number. On these two things, you can find the Court ID, Ticket Prefix, the ticket number and you license plate number. This info will be required in order to check your traffic ticket information online at the NJMCdirect website. If you don’t know where to locate this info, you can check the ticket sample on the site. To pay your NJ traffic ticket online, you have to make the payment using a Visa or Mastercard card since these are the only payment methods accepted on this site. Also the online payment is not available at all times. So before paying your fine, you have to check the time schedule on for the online payment hours. For instance, if you want to make the payment on Sunday, you have to pay some time from 1 PM to 11:45 PM. If you want to pay on a regular business day, you can pay it in the morning since the working hours are longer.

If you have questions about your traffic ticket or parking ticket, you have to contact the municipal court directly since you may not be able to find answers on

Website to pay New Jersey Parking or Traffic Ticket online:

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