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November 6, 2010 – MyPanera Card Online Registration is the web page designed for people to complete the MyPanera card online registration.

People who have joined the MyPanera program and received a MyPanera card at participating Panera Bread bakery-café can activate their card on the web at The direct link to the registration page is or Only after activating the card can the card owner start to earn rewards.

People who are interested in this rewards program and want to join it should visit or visit the participating Panera Bread locations to learn the details of the program. Please be aware that the MyPanera card can only be picked up at local stores before they are registered online for activation. Currently not all the Panera Bread locations are in the rewards program. For instance, there is no participating location in the state of Arkansas. To find a participating location in your neighborhood, you can check it on the web at Since the program just started not long time ago, it is possible that more and more Panera Bread locations will be added.

Below is a brief review of the MyPanera rewards program.

What is MyPanera? It is a customer rewards program provided by Panera Bread, a bakery-café chain in the North America. It is a way Panera Bread to express their appreciation to their valued customers. The MyPanera program is not fee-based. People can join it for free. It only accepts members aged 13 years old or older.

What is the benefit of being a member of the MyPanera program? The main benefit of joining the program is that you get a chance to receive personalized bonuses or gifts as rewards from Panera Bread. This is a random rewards program, and is not a point accumulation-based rewards program, so members don’t need to keep an eye on their transactions. Instead, Panera Bread will keep track their members’ ordering preferences and they will analyze the data to see what each member like or dislike. Then based on the information, they will send members rewards such as free food, recipes, special invitations and others to them. If the member gets a reward, he or she will be notified in store when placing an order on his or her account. After receiving the rewards alert, the member has to redeem it within 60 days, otherwise the offer will be gone forever.

How to register your MyPanera card online for activation
Visit, a web page at the program’s official web site.
Fill out the registration form with your 12 digits MyPanera card number and the 4 digits registration code which are available on the back of your card.
Create a username and password.
Check the box after reading the terms and conditions of the program.
Complete the registration by entering your personal information including your address, email, birthday and the like. Please be aware that you cannot edit your birthday once entered since it might be used to send your birthday rewards gift.

At this time, they are offering a sign up bonus. After activating the card at, the member will get his or her first reward gift when visiting a participating Panera Bread baker-café next time.

Website for MyPanera Card online registration:

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