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Take Mcdonald’s survey to get free sweepstakes entrée at www.mcdonalds-survey.com.
You can fill out the Mcdonald’s survey at www.mcdonalds-survey.com to get free entrees for Mcdonald’s weekly or monthly sweepstakes. If you are looking for the web site to take the Mcdonald’s customer satisfaction survey on the web, www.mcdonalds-survey.com is the site you are looking for. The Mcdonald’s survey found on www.mcdonalds-survey.com is only for people living in the United States of America. If you live in Canada, you can participate in the Mcdonald’s survey at http://www.mcdonalds-survey.ca/ where the survey is available both in English and in French version. For Mcdonald’s American customers, www.mcdonalds-survey.com is the one to take the Mcdonald’s survey. On this site, the survey is provided in both English and Spanish language. Which language you should use to do the Mcdonald’s survey is totally your own decision. Here is a brief explanation on how to complete the Mcdonald’s customer satisfaction survey online.

1.    Visit the Mcdonald’s survey official web site using the URL: http:// www.mcdonalds-survey.com. This Mcdonald’s survey site is powered by Mindshare Technologies, Inc. whose web site is www.mshare.net.

2.    To take the Mcdonald’s survey, you have to select the language first. For instance, if you want to take it in English, you click on the “English” button found on the left.

3.    Then you have to enter the McDonald’s restaurant number on the next page. Each McDonald’s restaurant comes with a unique restaurant number which can be found on your receipt. Only after entering the valid restaurant number, you can continue working on the Mcdonald’s survey. For your convenience, they show a receipt sample on www.mcdonalds-survey.com to let you know where to find the restaurant number.

4.    It will take you around 10-15 minutes to get the Mcdonald’s customer satisfaction survey done. You will be asked about your personal information and your fast food restaurant dining preferences in the survey questionnaire.

5.    By completing the Mcdonald’s customer survey, you will be rewarded with a free entrée to Mcdonald’s Sweepstakes. The winner of the Mcdonald’s Monthly Sweepstakes can get a $1000 Mcdonald’s gift card; the winner of the Mcdonald’s weekly Sweepstakes can get a $25 Arch card. Terms and conditions apply to the free Mcdonald’s Sweepstakes entrée offer. Please see www.mcdonalds-survey.com for detailed Mcdonald’s customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes rules. Or you can view the Mcdonald’s customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes rules in a PDF file found at http://mcdonalds-survey.com/documents/official-rules-english.pdf.

If you want to leave feedbacks to Mcdonalds and to get free entrees of Mcdonald’s monthly or weekly sweepstakes, please visit http://www.mcdonalds-survey.com, the official web site of Mcdonald’s survey.

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