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Www.mail.yahoo.com is the web address for Yahoo.com mail sign in.

Yahoo Mail is the free web-based email service provided by www.yahoo.com which is a news portal and is also famous for its search engine.

Yahoo.com Mail is a popular free email service. Www.mail.yahoo.com is the direct link for the Yahoo.com mail sign in. If you have a Yahoo mail account, you can sign in your account to check emails. If you are new to it, you can create an account on the site. It is free and it will only take you several minutes to finish the registration. The Yahoo ID for Yahoo.com mail login is very useful. It cannot only be used for access yahoo mail but also other free services provided by Yahoo or Yahoo owned websites. So choose Yahoo ID wisely and don’t forget it.

Email is an efficient way for people to send messages and exchange information. Before the internet is invented, people had to write letters and ask postmen to deliver messages for them. Post-office mail is a slow and labor-intensive way to send messages. That is why nowadays it has been at least partially replaced by email. Do you remember when was the last time you wrote a letter to your friend or family and sent it by regular post-office mail? It was a long time ago, wasn’t it? People like keeping in contact by email because it is convenient. As long as you get an internet access and an electronic device with the internet-access-capability such as a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a smart phone and so on, you can write or receive emails. With email, messages can be delivered within minutes. For instance, when you want to write to your friend who is living in another city, if you send the message by regular mail, it will take several days for your friend to receive it; but if you send the message by email, your friend can get it within minutes. It saves time and also money you spent on the postage, paper and envelop.

When using regular post-office mail service, you need a physical address or post office box address. Similarly, before sending or receiving emails, you need an email address. Then the question is: Where can I get an email address? Some email services are fee-based, but most of the others are free to use. If you need an email service with fancy functions such as a huge storage space, you may want a fee-based service, otherwise the free ones are good enough for regular use.

Yahoo Mail is among the top 10 free email services. These days many web sites are offering free web-based email services. For example, Gmail is offered by Google; Hotmail is from MSN and Yahoo Mail is provided by Yahoo. Different email services come with different features such as storage capacity, interface, POP and IMAP access, spam filter, smart folders and so on. When choosing free email services, people have to consider what they need. For instance, if they want to read emails using the desktop program, they will need a service with POP and/or IMAP access support.

Link for Yahoo.com Mail sign in page: http://www.mail.yahoo.com

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