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November 23, 2010 – Missing Pet Locating Service | Lost My Doggie is the official website for Lost My Doggie, a missing pet locating  service provider.

Who needs the products and/or services provided by LostMyDoggie?
LostMyDoggie will help people find their lost pets. But don’t be fooled by its name. LostMyDoggie not only help dog owners to find their missing dogs but also helps cat owners to find their missing cats. If you have a question: where can I find a company providing the missing pet recovery service, you may need to look into this website.

How can you find a missing cat or a missing dog?
Many people may think that this is a hard question to answer. But actually if you are a pet owner and have previously lost your pet, you may be able to answer this question. When you find your cat or dog missing, there are two possibilities. First, they are hiding somewhere in your house. Second, they are lost outside your house.

The first situation is very common for cats. Cats are easily scared by many things. They don’t like strangers around. When you hold a big party at home, many friends, colleagues and/or relatives may come to your house. These people are total strangers to your cat and they will make your cat feel unsafe. That is why during these occasions, your cat may hide itself somewhere safe in your house. If that is the case, you don’t need to worry since the cat will come out several hours later by itself when it feels safe again, particularly when it feels hungry.

The second situation is the real problem for many pet owners. If your dog or cat is lost in your neighborhood, sometimes it can remember its way back home and go back home by itself. Otherwise your neighbors are very likely to help you find your missing cat or dog. But the problem is that your neighbors may not know that your pet is missing, even though they would like to help you. The question is how to inform your neighbors that your pet is lost? The ideal way is to call them one by one. But it is a time- and energy-consuming process, if you do it by yourself. Fortunately, you can pay a fee to hire LostMyDoggie, a missing pet recovery service to help you deliver your amber alert lost pet message to your neighbors by phone. Besides your neighbors, other people who have a high chance of finding your missing dog or cat include people working in Animal hospitals, Animal shelters, Animal Control or other pet business in your area. LostMyDoggie is also offering a fee-based service to notify them for you.

There are 3 amber alert pet packages available on They come with different prices and different successful recovery rates. In general, packages with higher successful rates are more expensive. If you have lostmydoggie coupon codes, you may save some money on your orders.

Visit to learn the detailed information about the missing pet recovery service provided by Lost My Doggie.

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