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Access your Juniper credit card online account at www.Juniper.com. If you have a Juniper card, you can manage your account online at this website, the official website for accessing their credit card online accounts. Juniper cards are issued by Barclays Bank.

How to enroll in Juniper credit card online account?

If you are Juniper creditcard user but don’t have a Juniper creditcard online account, you can register one easily at www.juniper.com. On the homepage of Juniper site, you can see a red link “Setup Online Account Access” in the middle of the page. Click on the red link, you will be lead to the online account registration page where you need to fill out a creditcard online account registration form including your Mother’s Maiden name, your social security number, birthday, your Juniper creditcard account number and other personal information. You need to choose a username and password for your online account login. In order to access your online account safely, you also need to set up the login security settings properly.

How to log into your Juniper credit card online account?
If you have already had an online account for your Juniper creditcard, you can log into your account by entering your username and password. First, you need to type in your username in the login form found at www.juniper.com homepage, and then click the button “continue”. On the next page, you have to answer a security question and then enter your password. This login process is part of the security features provided by the website. It may take you a little time to recognize your image or phrase, but it makes sure that only you can access your account. In addition, by viewing your image or phrase, you are protected from phishing attempts and can make sure that the website is the real www.juniper.com. A little inconvenience is worth it to protect yourself from frauds online.

How to check your Juniper credit card application status online?
Visit the homepage, and click the “Check the status” link found in the box “Step1 to Log in”. The next page will ask your information including your last name, social security number, zip code, and email address. In order to check your application status, you have to finish the form first. The direct link to check the status of your Juniper credit card application is http://www.myapplicationstatus.com/.

Juniper credit card users will be glad to visit www.juniper.com and manage their credit card accounts on the internet.

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