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October 28, 2010 – Clear 4G WiMax Wireless Internet Services – Clear 4G WiMax Wireless Internet Services is the direct link to the online shop at At this website, online shoppers can purchase CLEAR high-speed internet services and products.

Are you surfing the internet now? Do you know how you get your internet service?

Many years ago, when I first started using the internet, I used a dial-up modem. Today, dial-up internet access is already an old technology, though it is still around. If you search for “dial up internet” on Google, you will find that multiple companies are still providing dial-up internet access at very cheap prices and some of them are even free. For instance, Netzero, AOL, EarthLink, PeoplePC and MSN are several well-known companies providing Dial-up access. When people shop for dial-up access plans, they can choose from regular and accelerated high speed plans. Usually the latter is a little bit more expensive than the former. But the monthly rate is still below $25. For dial-up internet access, users need a landline telephone line and a modem built-in or hooked up to the computer. Even though its attractive absolute low price, fewer and fewer people are using the dial-up internet access due to its low speed.

With the communication technology developed in recent years, more cost-efficient and reliable high speed internet access options available such DSL and Cable. For instance, Verizon, AT&T and Covad are the top 3 fast internet DSL providers. Right now the regular DSL plan at Verizon is only $19.99 per month with a 2-year contract. Compared to DSL, Cable internet service is relatively pricy. But Cable internet access is welcomed by many people because of its high speed and reliability. If you only read text or view small size images, you may not notice the difference in speed between DSL and Cable. But if you watch videos or do online streaming, you may prefer to use Cable instead of DSL. But even within DSL services, multiple plans with different speed limits are available. The faster DSL services usually are more expensive and the price is very close to that of the Cable internet service.

With Wi-Fi and 3G technologies, on-the-go internet access is possible. More and more people use their mobile devices such as smart phones, iphones and ipod touch to access internet wirelessly so that they can check emails, tweet on twitter, chat with their friends on the web anywhere they want. But any technology has its own shortcomings, which is why new technologies come every day. When you use Wi-Fi or 3G network wireless internet access, in order to get better signals or connections, you need to be close to hotspots. And sometimes the speed is also a limitation. That is why Mobile 4G WiMax is introduced as a new technology to overcome the short coverage range problem.

4G WiMax provides super fast mobile internet with average speeds falling into the range of 3 to 6 Mbps which is 4 times faster than 3G. If you want to use your mobile devices to stream movies online or do video chat on the go, 4G WiMax may be a better choice.

The information about CLEAR 4G WiMax Wireless Internet services is available at The CLEAR 4G WiMax Wireless Internet services is brought to you by Clearwire Corporation, a publically traded company at NASDAQ under the symbol CLWR. For people who are interested in investing in Clearwire or a career in this company,, the official website of the company might be a good site to visit.

At, you can shop CLEAR wireless internet services as individual plans or packages. The service options you can select in the packages include Home internet access, Home VOIP phone service and Mobile Internet (also known as on-the-go internet). They have multiple combinations of service plans available on the site. You can choose them according to your needs. They serve both individual consumers and company. For your company use, you may take a look of their Clear Professional section. At, you can also buy compatible devices for CLEAR 4G WiMax network such as Clear spots and modems.

One cons of Clear 4G mobile internet service is that their network only cover metropolitan areas. Their service is only available to you if you live in a big city. To check Clear network coverage, visit

So next time when you shop for high speed internet plans particularly mobile (on-the-go) internet services, is a website you can take a look at. Sometimes they have promotional offers where you can get the service plan at a relatively cheap price.

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