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December 5, 2010 – Age of War | FREE Friv Games Online

Play Age of War and other free Friv games online at

You can play 250 free Flash games at The Friv site design is extremely simple. There is a matrix of 250 icons on the page, with one icon representing one game. If you mouse over the icon, the name of the game is displayed, as well as the download size if the game is large and requires a download. To play a game, simply click on the icon. Friv periodically changes the game lineup, by dropping the least popular game and replacing it with a new Flash game sourced from the web. So if you have a favorite game on the site, you should play it often to support it so that it doesn’t get dropped.

Today, I am going to introduce the game “Age of War”, which is on the 8th row and 8th column currently. In this game, you are fighting a war with an enemy, and are trying to destroy each other’s bases. Your base has a certain number of hit points, which does not regenerate. You can build fighting units, which costs money. Once built, the fighting units will automatically begin walking in a straight line towards the enemy base, and will begin hacking at or shooting at any enemy units it encounters. If your units have killed all enemy units along the way and have managed to reach the enemy base, it will begin attacking the base and decreasing its hit points. The first side whose base’s hit points decreases to zero loses. You can also build turrets, which are static defenses on your base that cannot move, can only fire at enemy units a short distance from your base, and cannot be attacked. Each unit also has a special attack that can be used either protect itself from attacks, or cause additional damage to enemy units. However, the special attack needs time to recharge after being used. The computer-controlled enemy will also be building units and sending them towards your base, so most likely, your units will meet enemy units along the way and begin killing each other. The computer-controlled units do not use special attacks, so you have an advantage. If you kill an enemy unit, you get awarded gold with which to build more units, as well as XP points. You also get awarded XP points if your own units get killed. Once your XP points reach certain set thresholds, you can spend money and enter a new Age. There are five Ages in the game, and each new Age comes with its own turrets and units, which are more powerful than the units and turrets of the previous Age. Winning the game is a matter of balancing offense and defense, and using your units’ special attacks appropriately and often.

To play “Age of War”, do visit, the web site of the Friv Games online.

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