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November 1, 2010 – Dannon Breast Cancer Donation | Cupsofhope is the web site where consumers can participate in the Dannon Breast Cancer Donation.

How to contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation by purchasing Dannon products
Dannon would like to donate money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. to help people to fight breast cancer. Here is how this program works. When people buy and consume participating Dannon yogurt products and enter the code at the web site:, the Dannon company will donate 10 cents per cup to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.. That is why they call this program the “Give Hope with Every Cup” program. The maximum amount of money Dannon will donate is $1.5 Million and the guaranteed minimum donation is $500,000. The donation code can be found on the back of the lid on the cup of participating yogurt including Activia, All Natural, Blended, Fruit on the Bottom, Light & Fit and Greek yogurt. The deadline for entering the donation code is Nov. 30, 2010.

To make your contribution to the Dannon Breast Cancer Donation, go to On the site, choose the product you bought from a drop down list, type in the code and enter your email address. You can choose whether you want to receive news from Dannon. After clicking on the “Give Hope and Help the Fight” button, you will see a pop up window which shows the confirmation of your participation and also asks you to spread the word among your Facebook friends. If you want to share the “HOPE”, you need to login into your Facebook account first.

What is Dannon?
Dannon is the brand name of a series of yogurt products manufactured by The DANNON Company, Inc., a company headquartered in Allentown, PA. The Dannon yogurt products include Dannon Light and Fit, Activia, DanActive, Dan-o-nimo, Danimal and others. These yogurts are made in different flavors and contain different amounts of fat. If you don’t want to take in too much milk fat, you can choose their low-fat yogurts. The detailed information of these products is available at, the company’s official web site.

I eat yogurts regularly and Dannon is one of brands I purchase from time to time. Among all their products, Fruit-on-the-Bottom, DanActive and Activia yogurts are my favorite. The Dannon Fruit-on-the-Bottom yogurts come with 12 flavors such as Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Boysenberry, strawberry and so on. The Peach flavor is the one I like most.

There are many benefits to eating yogurt. For instance, yogurt is a good source for calcium and is suitable for Lactose-intolerant people who may suffer from indigestive symptoms when drinking milk. In addition, yogurt containing additional active cultures such as DanActive and Activia, can help your body build a healthy digestive system and regulate your immune system.

To live happy and healthy, eat more high quality yogurt. If you are a Dannon yogurt consumer, remember to take part in the Dannon Breast Cancer Donation, visit the cupsofhope website at to enter the donation code, and make your contribution to fight breast cancer.

Link for the Dannon Breast Cancer donation Cupsofhope website:

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