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July 23, 2010 – Compare Credit Cards

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Would you like to find websites that systematically compare credit cards and show you which one suits you best? One such site is

On, you can compare credit cards, as well as prepaid debit cards. It divides them into intuitive categories.

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If you carry a revolving balance on your card, the “Low Interest Rate” category will interest you. If you don’t carry a balance, and are mainly looking for rewards, you can look at the “Rewards Credit Cards” section, which is further divided sub-categories such as “Cash Back Cards”, “Gas Credit Cards”, “Points Cards”, “Airline Miles Cards” and others. These selections have different rewards and benefits. Which one you should choose depends totally on what rewards or benefits you want. For instance, if you want to earn free airline miles, you should select the on with free airline mileage bonus. If you want to earn more cash back on your gasoline purchase, you should choose the one with gas rewards. If you are looking to transfer your balance, you can look at the “0% Balance Transfer” category. For those who are impatient, there is even a category for “Instant Approval Cards”. With the “instant approval”, you don’t need to wait to get what you want. There is even a category for people who like customizable cards, which allows you to customize the card’s appearance and features. If you have bad credit, or a poor credit score, there is also a category of cards for those with bad credit. Even if you have no credit history, there are cards especially for those with no credit history. At the worst, you can apply for a prepaid debit card, which does not require a credit check. The cards are also grouped by the issuer, and by the applicant’s credit score.

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In addition to information about creditcards, there are also articles about how to use credit responsibly, about what people with bad credit can do to improve their credit, and of course, a detailed guide on how to choose a credit card based on which features are important to you.

Get up dated information about the “plastic” world at the blog of
Lastly, there is the “Charge-It” blog, which blogs about news and developments in the creditcard world. If you want to keep up with changes in the “plastic” world, especially with the impending financial regulation bill which will no doubt prompt many changes in credit cards, the “Charge-It” blog is an excellent source for new developments.

So for all your credit card or debit card needs, even if you have bad credit, you can turn to, a website to compare credit cards.

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