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Find the Skymist: The Lost Spirit Stones Walkthrough at http://www.bigfishgames.com.

Www.bigfishgames.com is the official website of Big Fish Games, a games company based in Seattle, Washington. Big Fish Games specializes in downloadable casual games. Most of the games can be tried free, and a small fee (below $10) is required to unlock the full features of the games. This try-before-you-buy model gives you a chance to experience the game before you decide whether to buy it.

One of popular games at http://www.bigfishgames.com is Skymist :The Lost Spirit Stones. This is a hidden object adventure game, where you search for hidden objects, clues and keys in an attractively cartoonish fantasy world. You need to solve small puzzles using objects you find to advance the storyline. Many of the puzzles involve finding a certain number of matching objects in a game scene, or finding specified objects in the scenery. There is an in-game hint system, and if you need more help, the www.bigfishgames.com website has a walkthrough blog which can guide you through every puzzle in Skymist The Lost Spirit Stones. The game is fairly short, and is an excellent way to relieve stress and kill some time. This game is available for both PC and Mac.

Skymist The Lost Spirit Stones is just one of the many hidden object games available at www.bigfishgames.com. Others include titles such as “Flux Family Secrets – The Rabbit Hole” and “Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood”, all involving finding objects in scenery to solve puzzles.

In addition of hidden object games, Big Fish games also publish many other genres of games, such as time management games, where you need to perform tasks such as farming or feeding pets on a recurring timed basis, and brain teaser games, where you need to solve logical and trivial puzzles.

In addition to downloadable games for both Mac and PCs, Big Fish Games also has a large selection of online games, which you need to log on in order to play.

For all your gaming needs, visit www.bigfishgames.com where you can find the Skymist: The Lost Spirit Stones Walkthrough.

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