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July 14, 2010 – Adp Payroll Services – Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

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Get payroll services at, the official website of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP).

Why do small businesses want to outsource their payrolls?
Are you a small business owner looking to outsource your payroll? Making payroll accurately and promptly is one of the most important things a boss can do. Nothing demoralizes an employee more than receiving his or her paycheck late. Even worse, over-burdened employers sometimes issue incorrect paychecks which have to be amended later. One such incident is enough to make an employee question the competence of his or her boss. Payroll administration is definitely a thankless and laborious task. There are multiple benefits and taxes to take into account, and it is very easy to make a mistake. Surveys suggest that more than 25% of small business owners are assessed penalties by IRS each year due to tax mistakes. You can hire an accountant or a bookkeeper to do the job, but it takes time to train a bookkeeper to do the job, and they take the knowledge with them if they leave the job, and you’ll have to train someone else. Outsourcing payroll administration is one of the most cost-efficient and productive steps a small business owner can take. A specialized HR company can often do your payroll for a small fraction of the salary of a dedicated accountant or bookkeeper. And you do not have to train the company, nor will the company quit and take its knowledge with it. Outsourcing payroll will leave you more time to concentrate on your strengths and your business, and make you more productive as a boss.

Check out Adp payroll services at
Which company should you use? There are many companies that offer payroll services, ranging from your local accountant to huge multinational companies. A good company has to do its job competently, be familiar with all applicable tax laws, and keep your payroll data absolutely secure. ADP ( is the world’s largest provider of payroll, tax and benefits administration, with over 500 thousand clients globally. ADP handles payroll services for many Fortune 500 companies. Many small business owners incorrectly assume that ADP would not handle their business. ADP actually has a dedicated small business division. Due to economies of scale, ADP can handle payroll services for small business owners at very competitive prices. Furthermore, ADP’s scale means that it can offer many additional services even for small business owners, such as online reports, state unemployment insurance management, background checks for new hires, and more. So if you are considering outsourcing your payroll and tax administration, you should definitely get a quote from ADP, the premier payroll service provider in the USA. Visit, the ADP site  to learn more about ADP payroll services.

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