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October 24, 2010 | Google Translate |Free Online Translation Tool is the web site address for Google Translate, a free online translation tool.

Who needs Google Translate?

Computer or internet users who want to translate articles from one language to another may find this tool very useful.

Why people need

Nowadays the Internet plays a more and more important role in people’s daily life. What makes the Internet so popular? The major reason is that it provides a platform for people to exchange information very efficiently. In this sense, the Internet makes the world smaller. On the Internet, people can share information not only with people living in their region or country, but also people from all over the world. For instance, on the Internet, people living in UK can read world news published on an American News portal web site, and people living in US can see a blog post published by someone living in Japan.

But in reality many people may face language barriers when browsing online. For instance, if you are a person who can only speak English, if you search for a Japanese sushi recipe on the web using an English spelling of a certain sushi name, you may get search results written in Japanese. You may be really interested in the sushi recipes written in Japanese. But you cannot benefit from the Internet in this instance you do not understand Japanese. Google Translate can help you overcome this language barrier. Just submit the article to the tool to get an English version.

I don’t know how many languages you can read or write in. Some people may be bi-lingual or tri-lingual, but many of us are only fluent in one language. Maybe there are some people who can speak multiple languages, but it is rare to find someone who can speak more than 3 languages. So there is always a chance that when you browse on the web, you will view a web page which has content written in a language that you cannot understand at all. Then, what will you do? How will you solve the foreign language problem? One way is to ask some other people for help. For instance, if you know the web page you want to read is written in Russian, you can ask your Russian friends to translate it for you. But sometimes you may not even recognize the language in which the web page is written. If that is case, Google translate also has a detect language function, so that you will at least know which language the article is written in, and who to turn to for a translator.

If you are unsure about the language in an article, or would like to translate an article in a foreign language, make sure to go to, the official site of Google Translate, the web’s most popular free online translation tool.

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