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November 28, 2010

Texas-Approved Defensive Driving Online Courses | Texas Education Agency (TEA)

Find the list of Texas-Approved Defensive Driving Online Courses at http://, the web site of the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Texas is one of biggest states in the United States. If you are currently living in Texas, you should understand how important a car is to our daily lives. Just think about how much time you spend on the road each day. No matter where we want to go, most of time, we have to get there by car. Every day we have to spend a lot time on the road including the time we spend on the way to work, to school, to do shopping, to pick up kids and to do many other things essential to our lives. There are only 24 hours per day. Eight hours are used for sleeping and 16 hours is spent awake. If you spend 2 hours driving daily, that is approximately 12% of your time awake. Have you ever carefully counted how many hours you spend driving your car every day? If you haven’t, maybe you should count it when you have time. Then you may want to pay more attention to your driving skills.

We need to learn defensive driving not only for ourselves and our passengers, but also for other drivers on the road and pedestrians on the sidewalk. There are many benefits to learning how to drive in a defensive way. For instance, you can learn how to avoid dangerous situations and how to deal with emergencies. Also you can learn how to use many useful safety features in your car to reduce your chances of getting into a car accident and/or to increase your car accident survival rate. Defensive driving courses are especially useful for teenage drivers. They are young and aggressive and they don’t have much driving experience, so they have higher tendency to get speeding tickets and be involved in auto accidents. When drivers get speeding tickets, usually they need to take defensive driving courses to get their ticket dismissed. But ticket dismissal should not be the only purpose of these courses. Instead, the purpose should be to help people become better and safer drivers. Being a safe driver, you can also enjoy paying lower premiums for auto insurance with a safe driver discount.

How to Choose Defensive Driving Courses?
Nowadays there are so many places where you can take defensive driving courses. Most of them are local schools and some of them are available online. Defensive driving online courses are very popular because of their convenience. But when choosing online defensive driving courses, you should make sure that the one you pick is approved by the state and the court, if you want to get a valid certificate for ticket dismissal or point reduction purposes. If you are residing in Texas, you can contact the Driver Training Division to ask them which online driving courses are approved. Since many people may have the exact same question, Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides the list of Texas-Approved Online Driving Safety Courses at On the list, you can see the driving course name, CP number, School number and the web address where it is offered. The contact telephone numbers are also provided on the table. If you plan to take online defensive driving course in Texas, you may check out the list. Then you can visit individual web site to compare the price, format and other services offered by each course or school.

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