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December 10, 2010 – Wachovia Mortgages

To find out more information about Wachovia mortgages, or to check the balance on your existing Wachovia mortgage online, go on to

This site will automatically redirect you to, which is the central site for Wells Fargo mortgages. Of course, Wachovia bank itself is now a division of WellsFargo Bank. During the financial crisis of 2008, Wachovia Bank was found to be holding too many adjustable rate and subprime mortgages which were in danger of going bad, and suffered from a near bank run. After the failure of Washington Mutual bank, Wachovia suffered $5B in withdrawals in a single day in September 2008, and was forced to by the government into being taken over by Wells Fargo Bank. Hence their websites are now in the process of being replaced by WellsFargo sites.

Previously, you could check your Wachovia mortgage balance directly on However, since the site has been replaced by the Wells Fargo mortgages site, the same Wachovia mortgage login must be accessed via the “managing your account from Wachovia Online Banking” link. Once you have clicked the link, you will be directed to the Wachovia Online Banking site, where you should choose the “Online BillPay” to pay your monthly mortgage. From the same site, you can also access your  savings or checking account, or securities brokerage account.

Wells Fargo is in the process of converting all Wachovia mortgage accounts into Wells Fargo accounts. Eventually, nearly all Wachovia mortgages will end up being Wells Fargo mortgages. So, this is a good time for Wachovia customers to begin learning more above Wells Fargo mortgages. Conveniently, now that the Wachovia mortgage login site has been replaced by the Wells Fargo mortgage site, you can learn about their mortgages on the same site. If you click the “Learn More” button near the bottom of the page, you will be directed to the WellsFargo Home Mortgage website where you can check up on the latest rates offered by the bank. In addition to rate information, there are many tools available on the site which can help a mortgage holder. For example, there is a set of tools which can help you determine whether you will save money by refinancing your mortgage, including a refinancing calculator which can help you estimate how long it’ll take for you to break even if you refinance.

To log into your Wachovia mortgage account, or learn more about WellsFargo mortgages, visit

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