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October 27, 2010 – Kohl’s Cares for Kids is the web page where people can find the information about the Kohl’s department store, including its Kohl’s Cares programs.

Like many other companies, Kohl’s also has a presence on several social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. For instance, shoppers can follow them on Twitter at this link: and watch Kohls related video clips on Youtube at

Many people like shopping at Kohl’s because they provide quality clothes at affordable prices. If you are one of their customers, you may want to become one of their Facebook fans. On the Kohl’s Facebook site, you can learn basic information about the store such as their official website:, the brands carried at Kohl’s, their return policy, Kohl’s cares programs, insider e-mail programs and so on.

Kohl’s Cares programs have different missions such as supporting Women’s health, providing environmental solutions and so on. The brief description of each of these programs is available on

The Kohl’s Care for kids programs,
designed to support kids’ health and education, include the Merchandise Program, Hospital Partnerships, Kohl’s Kids Who Care, Fundraising Gift Card program and the US Youth Soccer Sponsorship. To learn more information about Kohl’s Care for kids programs, is a good web site to visit.

Web site:

August 12, 2010 – 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program

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24hr fitness new members earn medals to get 24 hour fitness rewards at

At 24 Hour Fitness centers, you can get fit and get rewarded by doing physical exercise. That sounds cool, doesn’t it? Are you a new member of 24Hour Fitness? If your answer is yes, you may be eligible for joining the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards program. To find out the detailed information about your eligibility, you should visit, the web site for the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program, particularly their FAQ section. The same website can also be accessed by using

As a 24Hour Fitness rewards member, you can earn “Medals” by participating 24Hour Fitness activities such as working out 4 times per month, taking Group X class or surveys, and so on. For example, if you can go to their club to work out 100 days in the first half year, you can earn 2 medals. That sounds very ambitious. But overall it is a good reason to keep you doing more physical exercise. At, you can find the detailed information on how to earn 24 hour fitness medals. Clicking on the link “Earn Medals”, you will see a list of qualified activities for medal rewards.

These rewarded Medals can be exchanged for 24 hour fitness rewards including merchandise and their services. More medals you earn, better rewards you will get. For example, if at the end of the program, you have 16 medals, then you can redeem them for a Mini FM Pocket Radio. But if you get 24 medals, you can choose a Tetragon 5 Tent or a Dunlop Golf DDH Tour Stand Bag as your reward. They have multiple gift choices for each medal level. If you are curious to learn what rewards you can earn in the program, maybe it is a good idea for you to browse through their medal reward store at To visit the reward store, you simply click on the link “+Rewards” found on the top left of the page.

Before you can earn medals, you should join the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program by signing up an account at If you are an existing account holder, you can login to your account by using your member ID and password.

To learn the details on or sign up for the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program, please visit or

July 26, 2010 – S C Johnson’s Right at Home – Home-Care Tips

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You may not have heard of, but you may have already known “S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.”, a company manufacturing many our everyday-use home care stuffs. You can find S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. products in your house everywhere including kitchen, yard, living room, bathroom and bedroom. You may not be familiar with the company name “S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.”, but you may know the Windex® Nature’s Source Glass Cleaner, the Glade® Fragrances, the Ziploc brand® bags, the Saran® plastic wrap and the Srubbing Bubbles® antibacterial bathroom wipes. All these well-known products are brought to you by S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., a family company. If you want to learn more info on these S.C. Johnson’s products, you can visit the following web site correspondingly: is a web site operated by S.C. Johnson& Son, Inc. as well where you can find 4 interesting sections including “Cleaning & Organizing”, “Food & Cooking”, “Designing for Your Home” and “ You & Your Family”. At, known as right@home, you can find many useful home care tips, cooking recipes and advices for your family life. For instance, I found their articles 18 Antibug Cleaning Tips, the Ligh & Easy Chicken Quesadillas recipe, Planning Great Parties and Get Cooking with Your Kids are very informative and interesting. You can read these articles in English and in Spanish. also has a membership program. If you like the articles and topics covered at, you may consider becoming a member of right@home. Their membership is totally free. There are many benefits to be a member of right@home. As a member, you will get right@home newsletter filled with home-care ideas and tips every month in your email. Besides, you will also get members-exclusive S.C. Johnson’s products’ saving coupons and free gift packs. For instance, now is offering free Ziploc Back-to School Gift Packs. This freebie offer is only good for a limited-time. Terms and conditions apply, and see for details.

In conclusion, is a good web site to find home-care ideas and tips, food recipes, S.C. Johnson’s products saving coupons and free gifts.

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