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August 3, 2010 – Verizon Wireless Pix Place

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If you’re looking for the Verizon wireless pix place, head on over to This is where Verizon pictures from your Verizon mobile phones are stored.

Many people like to use their camera phones to photograph snippets from their daily lives, recording things they find interesting for future memories and to share with their friends. The problem, however, is that most cell phones have limited memory to store images. To circumvent the problem of limited memory, most Verizon cell phones are able to store images on the internet.
To store your images on the internet, you first need to compose a Verizon picture message, then select “Options” or “Menu” (varies by phone), and then “Online Album” or “to PIX place”. You cell phone will then mail the picture message to To retrieve your images from the internet, you need to visit to log in. Before you can log in, you need to register at the same site.

To register, enter your mobile number at the site, and a few minutes later, a password will be sent to your cell phone at that mobile number. You then enter your mobile phone number with the temporary password, and you will be able to view your online album. It’s best to quickly change your temporary password to something that you can easily remember, so that you would be able to log on in the future.

You can view your images online, or you can download them to your PC or Mac for local storage, or to print them out in hard copy as a photograph.

In addition to images, the Verizon PIX place can also store Verizon videos. Simply compose a video message, and mail it to “Online Album” or “to PIX place”.

So remember, to save the pictures and videos on your Verizon cellphone to your computer, simply send them to the PIX place, and then log on at to retrieve them.

July 29, 2010 – 160 by 2 Sign Up – Send Free SMS to Mobile Phone from PC

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If you want to send a free SMS message to a friend in India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia or Singapore, go on over to

To use the free SMS service, you must first sign up at, providing your own cell phone number, email address and birth date. Once you have registered on the site, you will be able to log on and send free SMS to mobile phone from PC.

This 160 by 2 free SMS service is supported by advertisements. The free SMS message can be up to 80 characters long, and another 80 characters will be reserved for an advertising message. This is why the site is named 160by2. The 160 characters allowed in an SMS message are divided equally between an advertiser’s message and your own message. If you do not use up the full allotment of 80 characters, 160by2 reserves the right to make up the rest of the 80 characters with an advertising message. The website will analyze your message and provide a contextual ad message; this process is machine driven with no human intervention, hence ensuring your privacy.

To avoid spamming recipients, each user is limited to a maximum of 10 messages to a particular number a day, and each user can send a total of 50 messages a day. Your name or mobile number will be appended to each message you send to identify you. If you dislike ads in your messages, you have the option of paying $1 USD per month for 160by2’s ad-free SMS service. The advantages of the ad-free service is that you can use up to 145 characters in your message, and the per day limits on messages are removed.
For mobile phone users, you can access the mobile version of the 160by2 website at to send your message, or you can download their app at to send free SMS messages directly from your mobile phone.

While there are many free SMS services out there, there are very few free SMS services that allow you to send messages internationally. So, if you want to send free SMS messages to India, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia or Singapore, go on over to right now.

June 10, 2010 – Check AT&T Multimedia Message Online

How to check your AT&T multimedia message online

When you got a text message saying “someone sending you a multimedia message”, do you know how to view it? You need a computer and internet access to view it online at an AT&T web site.  Here is a guide on how to check your AT&T multimedia message online at or is operated by AT&T, a major wireless service provider. This web site can be accessible using viewmymessage 1 or viewmymessage 2 links as shown above.

In order to check your multimedia messages successfully online, two things are important: the text alert and the check time. First, don’t delete the text message on your mobile phone since it contains the multimedia message ID and password. This information is required to check the multimedia messages online. Second, after getting the initial text alert, you have only 7 days to view it online. After that, the message will be inactive and cannot be accessed anymore. So if you don’t want to miss any important information your friends or family sent to you, you should view the multimedial message as soon as possible.

To check your AT&T multimedia message is simple, you just visit AT&T multimedia messaging site at or, type in your message ID and password and click the blue button “Login”. Then you will be lead to the multimedia message you got. If there are some questions or technical problems, you may want to contact AT&T customer service for helps. These contact information is available at the AT&T web site.

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