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December 24, 2010 – Bank of America Home loans

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Find Bank of America home loans information at

This is a web site to visit for people who are considering taking a home loan from Bank of America (BOA). BOA specifically set up this sub-domain for first-time home buyers who need home loans to finance their new homes. If you plan to shop for a new house or for a new mortgage loan, you may want to stop by at this web page.

The information provided at this website will help you figure out whether it is a right financial decision for you to own a house and how much home mortgage loan you can afford based on your current savings and income. There is also a very educational tutorial on the site which can give you an overview of the home buying and loan purchasing process and help you understand how it works. If you are first-time home shopper and have no idea about how the home buying process works, this tutorial is highly recommended. It is a very basic guide, but very easy to understand. For instance, if you are considering whether you should rent or own a house, your decision should depend not only on your financial status, but also on whether you need to move frequently. If you are a frequent mover because of your work or study, it may not be wise to own a house since you may have to spend a lot of time, energy and money in the house buying and selling process. In this case, you may want to consider renting instead of buying.

Many people are proud of themselves because they are home owners. But when shopping for a house, it is not only about finding your dream home but also about buying it at affordable price particularly when financing your new home with a mortgage loan. When setting the budget for your house purchase, you should consider both monthly mortgage expenses and other payments associated with your house such as home insurance, maintenance fees and property tax. When shopping for your mortgage loans, you should understand how to lower your interest rate by improving your credit score and increasing your down payment percentage. These days there are many types of home loans available on the market. So you need to do a thorough research on them so that you can choose the right home loan from a trusted lender. To make sure that there is nothing wrong with your loan contract, you should also be familiar with the loan process and terminology.

To learn more on Bank of America home loans or check the current BOA mortgage rates, please check out

December 18, 2010 – Citibank Student Loans Information

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To apply for Citibank student loans, go to

This site is the official internet presence of Citibank. Citibank is one of the Big Four Banks in the United States. It is the consumer banking arm of Citigroup, the financial institution that was rescued by US taxpayers during the 2008 financial crisis, and is now majority-owned by the US government. The bank receives savings and checking deposits from consumers, and offers a wide variety of loan products, including credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, and student loans.

If you are about to attend college, you should begin to familiarize yourself with the process of financial aid and student loan application. To facilitate this process, Citibank has also set up another website,, to help educate students who are looking for a student loan. For example, before applying for a loan, you should first arrive at an estimate of your financial needs during your education. The amount of money you need depends on the school you are going to, as well as the various grants and scholarships that you may have been offered. You should also look at federal loans and grants that may be applicable to your situation. In general, it is usually best to take advantage of and max out any federal loans and grants first, because these are usually offered at a subsidized interest rate, and have relatively loose repayment terms. Only after you have maxed out your federal loans should you turn to private educational loans to fill in any financial gaps that remain.

Once you have finished your preparation work, you should check out what specific student loan products Citibank has to offer. To do this, click on the “Lines and Loans” tab, then on the “Student Loans” option, to see the private educational loans that Citibank offers. There are three classes of student loans offered by Citi. The first class is a loan for general undergraduate and graduate education, payable over 20 years after graduation. The second class is a loan specifically for medical, dental, veterinary, and pharmacology students, payable over 25 years after graduation. And the third class is a student loan for specifically for law students, payable over 20 years after graduation. On the same site, you can also begin the application process by clicking on the “Apply Now” button. The interest rate that you are offered will depend on your field of study, as well as on the credit scores of your loan guarantors, and therefore will be known only near the end of the application process, after you have provided all the pertinent information.

To learn about Citibank student loans, go to, or

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