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October 17, 2010 – LendingTree Mortgage Refinance Loans

Check out for LendingTree mortgage refinance loans information. is a popular web site providing multiple lines of financial information about mortgage, mortgage refinance loans, home equity loans and more. This website is operated by LendingTree LLC. and it is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. If you are considering requesting for home loans or refinancing mortgage loans on this site, and want to find LendingTree reviews or LendingTree complaints online, the BBB website is a good place to visit.

Recently more people are considering whether to refinance their mortgage home loans. The main reason is that they want to lower their interest rate. Today, the nationwide average 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan interest rate is only 4.25% which is pretty low compared to the last several years. Actually, lowering the interest rate is not the only benefit from mortgage loan refinancing. By refinancing mortgages, homeowners can consolidate debt, get cash from their home equity loans and switch to a fixed-rate loan with stable monthly payments. But one important question is when you should refinance your mortgage? As you may know, timing is very important in all investment activities. To make a smart move, you need to check the current mortgage options, compare mortgage interest rates and do a careful refinancing calculation. provides all the financial tools needed for homeowners to get these things done. For instance, you can use Lending Tree mortgage checkup to view current home loans and loan rates and mortgage refinance calculator to estimate your future payment.

To fully enjoy the financial services provided by Lending Tree, you may need to create an account on their site. In your account, you can keep track of all your loan request activities. If you have any questions, you can reach LendingTree customer care by email or call their toll free number 1-888-272-1355 for help.

To learn more about LendingTree mortgage refinance loans, visit

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