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August 5, 2010

July 30, 2010

June 24, 2010 | Money Control India | Indian Stock Market

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Track the performance of Indian stock market at, the  Money Control India web site.

How to find Indian stock market news?

Are you interested in investing in the Indian stock market? If so, you should know about the Indian finance portal, This site is one of the leading Indian finance and stock market portal. If you want to learn the current stock price of any Indian stock on the Bombay Stock Exchange, you can enter the name of the company (for example, Reliance Industries, or Infosys), and you will be able to find the BSE number of the company, as well as the current quote on the stock. You can also find out a lot of other information about the company, including basic financial statistics such as the PE ratio, market capitalization and dividend rate. In addition, there is breaking actionable news on the market, including daily recommendations by stock analysts, and new announcements of impending IPOs. In their Tools section, there are also simple technical screens, such as daily positive and negative breakouts. You can also find out information about the entire Indian market, such as the top gainers and the top losers that day.

So for all your Indian stock needs, visit

June 19, 2010 – Daily Thanthi – Dina Thanthi Tamil News Paper

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Read the Dina Thanthi Tamil News Paper online at is the official website of the Daily Thanthi, an Indian newspaper also known as Dina Thandi. The Daily Thanti is the leading Tamil language daily, with a circulation in the millions. The newspaper has 14 different editions.

At the Daily Thanthi website, you can keep up with news in India, including Tamil matrimonial news, the latest Tamil movies, fashion, food, travel information, and festivals. Aside from entertainment and topical news, there are also articles on politics and finance, including coverage of the Indian stock market, local politics and international current and political news. Daily Thanthi / Dina thanthi is your best source for your daily Tamil news. Check out this popular Tamil newspaper at

June 17, 2010 – Best Indian Social Networking Web Site

Meet friends at, the best Indian social networking web site

Check out one of the best Indian social networking sites at This web site is also known as google orkut Indian social networking community where you can find your lost old friends and meet new friends. is brought to you by Google. It is similar to sites such as Facebook, Myspace and friendster, but it is designed specifically for Indians. If you want to meet hot Indian girls or handsome Indian guys, you should check out the site. You can create an account at Orkut. If you have already has a google account, you may also use it to access the site. It is free to sign up at google and orkut Indian social networking community. At the site, you can get connected with your old friends or family by instant messaging. You can set up a profile to introduce yourself to other members and let them know you better. In the way you can make new friends and potentially begin a new romantic relationship. Similar to other online social networking sites, Orkut allows users to upload videos or photos and share them with their friends.

If someone ask you where to find lost old friends or how to meet new friends especially Indian friends online, let them know that, the google orkut social networking site is the place they are looking for.

June 15, 2010 – Indian Cooking Recipes – Khana Khazana Recipes

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Find Sanjeev Kapoor Indian cooking recipes  and Khana Khazana recipes at

Find the authentic Indian recipes and Indian cooking recipes from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. If you like cooking and enjoy delicious Indian cuisine, here is one of the best Indian cuisine recipe websites for you:

Turn your web browser to this site, you will find tons of authentic Indian Recipes brought to you by the famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Who is Sanjeev Kapoor? You may have already heard of him on his popular TV cooking show Khana Khazana which was featured on Zee TV. Khana Khazana is a very popular cooking show in Indian, which has received a lot of awards. If you enjoy watching Khana Khazana and want to find some recipes, you need to visit this website.

At this site, you can print out your favorite recipes and try to cook them in your kitchen by yourself. There are many delicious authentic Indian recipes you can choose from and all of them are free. The site is not only a place for recipes but also an online shop selling books for Indian cuisine, cookware, spices and more. Visit to find the recipes you saw on TV. – IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation- Indian Railway Tickets

Filed under: Travel — Tags: , , , — Paul @ 7:24 pm – IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation Web Site – Book Indian Railway Tickets On the Internet

Check out the link listed below to book Indian railway tickets online. When you travel by train in Indian, you don’t need to wait in line to buy your railway tickets since you can purchase them online at, the official website of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

There are several services available at this website. For instance, you can check train schedules and plan your trip online. You can check your railway ticket reservation status. If you are a frequent railway traveler in Mumbai area, you may consider purchasing a Mumbai Season ticket. You will get unlimited railway travel using the Mumbai Season ticket which is also available at It is a great way to travel in Indian by railway. It is convenient, cheap and safe. If you need other traveling deals, you can check out for travel packages, air tickets and hotel reservations at IRCTC web site as well. Enjoy your tour in India.

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