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September 8, 2010 Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

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Storm8 is the maker of popular iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad role playing games available through the App Store, including titles such as Vampires Live, Ninjas Live, World War, Rock Battle, Pets Live, and Kingdoms. Late in 2009, it was discovered that many of Storm8’s games transmitted the phone number of its customer’s phones to its server, without alerting the customer that this was occurring. Storm8 claims that this is an inadvertent behavior that is due to its use of old code, that the old code has been replaced in newer versions of its games which no longer transmit phone numbers, that no commercial use has ever been made of the collected phone numbers, and that Storm8 does not know of any user who has suffered damages as a result of its software’s behavior. Nonetheless, there was outrage at the loss of privacy among its customers, and a class action lawsuit was filed in Northern California against Storm8. The law firm and Storm8 has now come to a settlement, and you can read about the terms of the settlement at

Briefly, if you do nothing, you will automatically receive your Settlement Payment of 45 in-game points (retail value about $3.75) when you open any Storm8 game. You have the right to object to this settlement, either by writing a letter to the law firm to exclude yourself from this settlement (which means you will not receive the payment, but will also retain the right to sue Storm8 in the future), or by writing a letter to the court to protest about the fairness of this settlement. Addresses for both the law firm and the court are provided at Frankly, this is one of the most ridiculous class action settlements that I’ve seen in a long time. Most class action suits require that you opt in to receive settlement payments, thereby preserving your right to sue if you do not opt in; this one requires you to opt out, which means that if you’re too busy to read about the settlement and write a letter to opt out, you automatically lose your right to sue when Storm8 credits your account with 45 points. And while the 45 points are nominally worth $3.75 (and setting aside the fact that $3.75 is a ridiculously low sum for the loss of privacy suffered), it is not cash and cannot be used to purchase anything else aside from game items. This means that Storm8 gets away with not paying anything to its customers, while the law firm receives $125000 and the lead plaintiff receives $2500 for a minimum amount of work in initiating the lawsuit.

If you have downloaded a Storm8 game between March 2009 and August 2009, and will like to preserve your legal right to sue Storm8 for the loss of privacy due to its games transmitting your cell phone number to its servers, you should definitely read the terms of the lawsuit settlement at

August 22, 2010 – Total Drama Island Interactive Game

Filed under: Entertainment,Film & Television,Games & Toys — Tags: , — Paul @ 11:43 pm is the official website of the Total Drama Island, the animated series, and also the website where you can play the Total Drama Island Interactive game.

Total Drama Island (TDI) is an animated cartoon show that pokes fun at reality television shows. TDI is produced in Canada for Teletoon, and is shown in the United States on the Cartoon Network.

The show takes place at the fictional Camp Wawanakwa, and features twenty-two teens which participate in challenges and games every episode. Initially, the twenty-two campers are divided into 2 teams for the games, and the losing team gets called to the campfire at night, where Chris, the host, passes out marshmallows to those who can stay, and those who are voted off do not get marshmallows and must walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, on which they will leave the island and, according to Chris, “never, never, never, ever, ever, ever, come back, ever.” Basically, the cartoon is a bit like Survivor, but with really over the top stunts and jokes which make fun of the real contests that take place on real-life reality shows. If you are looking for something different and funny to watch, you may want to give TDI a try.

The TDI official website itself is a parody of websites of reality TV shows. You can view fake biographies of the “contestants” in TDI, and short summaries of each episode. The site also features the Total Drama Island Interactive game, which is accessed through the “Games” button. Every week, the site releases a new mini-game based on the week’s episode, and you can play the games to earn points. If this is your first visit to the site, you will be prompted to register with your name and address after you have finished a game so that your points can be saved. You get marshmallows for your points, and the marshmallows can be used as money in the game to buy various items. Your points accumulate, and at the end of the season, when all twenty-five mini-games have been played, the top twenty-two players with the highest points are entered into a draw, and the winner will get to do a short voice cameo in an episode.

So, if you are interested in the TDI show, or are interested in playing Total Drama Island Interactive game for a chance to do a cameo on the TDI show, visit

August 4, 2010 – Play Free Online Games for Girls

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Play free online games for girls at, the girls go games web site. is a site where you can play girls games for free online. Now there are more than 2500 girls games available at, and every day they add new ones onto their site. All the girls games at the site are well-categorized. Their categories include dress up, adventure, doll games, make up, makeover, princess, puzzle and much more. The Kiss games, horse games and hairdresser games on the site are very popular among girls recently. Facing so many girls games, many visitors may ask the question: How do I know which games I should play first? To help you find the most popular game on the site, the site shows a top 10 list which can be found on the top right hand side of the page. That is why I think the layout of this site is user-friendly. Right now the top 3 ones on the list includes Princess Hairstyle, Girl Band Dress Up and Rock Chick Hairstyles. Because many factors can influence the ranking, the ranking may not 100% reflex the quality. To solve this problem, they also handpicked some and compiled a recommended list shown on the lower right hand of their homepage. For instance, Little Dragon Dress Up is one girls games recommended by the site. In order to find your favorite games fast, you probably should start with the recommended one in my opinion. On the top middle of the page, they also show the pictures of their new games which they update frequently. If you want to play something new, you don’t want to miss this section.

To play all these girls games at, you need to sign up for an account at the site. The initial sign up is free. The site is available in 11 languages. So you don’t need to play them in English. You can play in whatever language your comfortable with. For instance, if you want to play girls games in French, you can select the language “French” and you will be lead to their French site: You may already notice that the domain name is different.

Who is the owner of is owned and operated by SPIL GAMES, a multinational company specialized in online casual gaming. The company was founded in 2001 by Peter Driessen and Bennie Eeftink, 2 guys from Netherlands. Today, SPIL GAMES owns 45 internet gaming web sites and is doing business worldwide. Besides, this company also owns,, and other popular online gaming sites. They have offices in many countries including China, Germany, UK and Netherlands. SPIL GAMES offers tons of online games to entertain millions of families, teens, kids and gamers from all over the world. To learn the detailed information about this company, you should visit, their official website.

Girl games sites similar to

1. is a web site where you can find a large selection of girl games for girls including make up, dress up, painting games and others. You can easily browse through this website by using their well-organized categories.

2. Girls and kids can play free online fashion games at the 123Peppy web site. This web site is well-designed and available in multiple languages including Fresh, Italian, Russian, German and more.

3. is another web site where you can play girls dressup games online for free. This is a nice-looking gaming site. They also have a fashion club.

In conclusion, is a game site for girls to hangout. At this site, kids can play free online girls games.

August 1, 2010 – Fox Tune In To Win MLB Game Online

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Play Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online at

I am a big fan of major league baseball (MLB) games, but I have never heard of Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online until I visited, the official website of Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online.

The Fox Tune In To Win game site is hosted on the FoxSports MSN website. That is why when you type in the url:, you will be lead to

To play the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game at, you need to sign in first. You can use your Windows Live ID to sign in to on MSN. Windows Live ID is quite useful, which can be used to access many free online services at Windows Live, MSN and Microsoft Passport websites such emails and blogs. If you have not had a Windows Live ID yet, you can register one at for free. Or you can create a new account at on MSN. With the new foxsports MSN account, you cannot only play many fantasy games but also access sports blogs and personalized scorestrip. If you have never played the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online, you may continue to read how to play Fox Tune In To Win MLB game.

How to play the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game

1. Visit the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game site at, as I mentioned above.

2. Sign into your account. If you are new, you can register one for free.

3. In your account, create a new entry for Tune In To Win MLB game. You can choose to receive weekly reminder emails which are usually delivered on Friday.

4. Choose a MLB game you want to play which will be watched on Fox in your market. You can find the matchup in your area by searching with your zip code at the home page of On the same site, you can also check the matchup schedule.

5. Answer the game’s questions and make your own picks. Three types of questions are covered including Best Fantasy Day, Player Outcomes and Team Outcomes. If you can make correct picks and answer these questions correctly, you can earn corresponding points.

6. Watch the MLB game on Fox and see how good your picks are. Better picks will bring you more points. You can check your status on the leaderboard at

7. Answer the bonus question at the seventh inning, you will earn additional points.

8. You can play the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game every week. Remember to check your weekly reminder emails.

Login to your account, you can track all your entries. On the MLB leaderboard at, you can see who the leader is in the current season. Now the number 1 on the list is DevizToo with 1848 points from 38 games.

In conclusion, the Fox Tune In To Win at is a free MLB game online. It is perfect for MLB fans and people who want to have more fun with MLB games.

July 29, 2010 – Skymist: The Lost Spirit Stones Walkthrough

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Find the Skymist: The Lost Spirit Stones Walkthrough at is the official website of Big Fish Games, a games company based in Seattle, Washington. Big Fish Games specializes in downloadable casual games. Most of the games can be tried free, and a small fee (below $10) is required to unlock the full features of the games. This try-before-you-buy model gives you a chance to experience the game before you decide whether to buy it.

One of popular games at is Skymist :The Lost Spirit Stones. This is a hidden object adventure game, where you search for hidden objects, clues and keys in an attractively cartoonish fantasy world. You need to solve small puzzles using objects you find to advance the storyline. Many of the puzzles involve finding a certain number of matching objects in a game scene, or finding specified objects in the scenery. There is an in-game hint system, and if you need more help, the website has a walkthrough blog which can guide you through every puzzle in Skymist The Lost Spirit Stones. The game is fairly short, and is an excellent way to relieve stress and kill some time. This game is available for both PC and Mac.

Skymist The Lost Spirit Stones is just one of the many hidden object games available at Others include titles such as “Flux Family Secrets – The Rabbit Hole” and “Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood”, all involving finding objects in scenery to solve puzzles.

In addition of hidden object games, Big Fish games also publish many other genres of games, such as time management games, where you need to perform tasks such as farming or feeding pets on a recurring timed basis, and brain teaser games, where you need to solve logical and trivial puzzles.

In addition to downloadable games for both Mac and PCs, Big Fish Games also has a large selection of online games, which you need to log on in order to play.

For all your gaming needs, visit where you can find the Skymist: The Lost Spirit Stones Walkthrough.

July 11, 2010 – Pogo Scrabble Online – Free Games

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Play Pogo Scrabble Online  Free Games is a website providing free online games. If you like playing online free games, you will love this gaming site.

At, you can find online board games, online casino games, arcade sports games and more. You can also download games from pogo website.

The featured online free games at pogo include clue secrets & spies, monopoly world, poppit, risk, word whomp, scrabble and poppit. Being a member at the pogo gaming site, you will get chance to play more than 250 free online games and win cash prizes as well.

Find the Pogo scrabble online and other free games at

June 17, 2010 – How to Buy Texas Lottery Scratch Offs Tickets

Texas Lottery Scratch Off Games Store Locator

Scratch off games are popular Texas lottery games. The tickets can be bought at many retailers. If you want to know where the scratch off tickets are sold, you can find the store locator at useful. is the official website of Texas lottery where people can check lottery winning numbers and rules for  games such as Powerball, Texas Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step, Texas lottery pick3, Cash Five Texas lottery and more.

At, visitors can also find information about Scratch Off Games. For instance, you can click the link “Scratch off and store locator” on the up right of the home page to reach the games Store Locator. You can use it to find out where you can buy the tickets in your area. You can search the store location by selecting the city name and typing in zip code. Since there are many scratch off games offered now, you have to choose which game you want to play when you use the store locator. For instance, if you want to play the “Big Money Bingo”, you just choose 1069-big money bingo from the list. But this step is optional; you don’t have to choose it. For your information, you can check your scratch off tickets at certain self-check locations. If you want to check your own tickets, you can use the same store locator to find a ticket self-check location near you by simply selecting a box when you searching the locator.

To learn more on how to play Texas lottery games and how to buy scratch offs tickets, visit the official website of Texas lottery at

June 15, 2010 – Check Winning Ohio Lottery Numbers Online – Check Winning Ohio Lottery Numbers Online

You can check winning Ohio lottery numbers at, the official Ohio Lottery web site. If you are a resident of Ohio and have recently bought lottery tickets, you should visit this website to see whether you are the winner of the games.

At the website, you can check the winning numbers for the games including Mega Million, Lotto, Pick 4 and more.

If you have never played any Lottery games before but you want to learn more about how to play lottery games, you should also visit where you can find the rules and instructions of all the Ohio Lottery games including instant games such as FireCracker Cash and Cash Blast.

This web site is also useful to check the current Lottery game jackpot before you play the games. For instance, the next Jackpot for Ohio Mega Million game is $12 million. At the Ohio lottery web site, you can check the previous winning numbers by searching the draw date and the game name. Some previous winners’ information is also available at this web site. Overall, is a very informative web site for people who want to enjoy playing lottery games in Ohio.

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