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December 10, 2010 – Play FREE Online Games | Friv School

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Play free online games at is a site where you will find safe and free Flash games that are appropriate for children of school-going age. The games are arranged as icons on the website, which the 250 games being laid out in a grid on the site. You are told the title of the game when you mouse over an icon. Clicking a specific icon launches the game. Because the games are all flash-based, you probably can play the games with any Flash-capable browser on both PCs and Macs.

One example of a game at is “The Last Village”, located on the 5th column and 9th row on the site. This is an Age of Empires type game where you are the head of an Indian Village in North America which is under attack by invading Europeans. The aim is to protect the village from oncoming attacks. You have access to resources such as wood, gold, iron, food, and the population of your village. You can also build fighting units, each of which is led by a commander. Each commander has his own special attack. There are five types of units that you can produce: swordsman, bowman, spearman, gunman, and spell caster. On the top right of the screen is the minimap. On the minimap, you are able to see the positions of your own units and the positions of the invading units. You will also see the condition of the village buildings. Like Age of Empires, you can build various buildings with the resources, which will produce various units or various improvements that will help you protect the village. Not every building can be built on every spot, and when you mouse over a spot on the map, the buildings that can be built on that spot will light up. There are a variety of buildings that you can build. For example, you can build a blacksmith which will make weapons and armor and make your units more powerful, or you can build a sawmill which will harvest wood and give you more wood every turn. Buildings can be upgraded so that they become more powerful. Every turn, you are also allowed to move your commanders one space, through the “Strategy” button. You can also set traps on empty squares so that the enemy will step into them. Every turn, there is a chance that an enemy will start an attack from one of the squares outside the screen. Your job is to move your commanders into their path to block and kill them. If the enemy reaches your town center and successfully burns it down, then the game is over.

If you want to give “The Last Village” a try, or try any of the other 249 free flash games there, just pay a visit to

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