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September 1, 2010 – Arkansas Unemployment Insurance Benefits Claim

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If you live in Arkansas and need to claim unemployment benefits, the website you should visit is This website is the website for the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.

The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services maintains the state records on unemployment insurance, so that the state can keep track of who is receiving unemployment checks and for how long. This is important because you can only collect unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks, although recent changes in law may now allow an extension of up to 20 additional weeks.
Furthermore, in order to collect unemployment checks, you have to demonstrate that you have been involuntarily fired (i.e. did not quit the job by choice), and that you are actively looking for a new job or attending approved schooling and training. This means that you may have to report your job search or training efforts and contacts on a weekly basis in order to continue your eligibility for unemployment benefits.

Lastly, the Department of Workforce Services also needs to have paperwork documenting your last drawn salary in order to calculate the amount of benefits to which you are entitled.

Because the process of applying for unemployment benefits complex and can be confusing, the Department has also created a centralized online site where you can access all the information regarding unemployment claims. You can access this site by clicking on the “Unemployment Services” section off the main page, and then on the “Claim Help” section. The very first document you should is the “UI Handbook”, which is a collection of very important information about the unemployment insurance program, including who is eligible and for how long. The first few pages also have a list of the addresses and phone numbers of the Department of Workforce Services local offices. This list is essential if you prefer to talk to a live person with you questions instead of slogging through a thick stack of information.

So if you are an Arkansas resident who needs help in claiming unemployment benefits, is one of the most important sites to visit.

August 6, 2010 – File an Unemployment Benefits Claim in New Jersey

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To find out about and collect New Jersey unemployment compensation, you need to visit the NJ unemployment website at

Unemployment insurance is an important component of the US economy. It aims to provide cash to the temporarily unemployed to tide them over until they find new work. In doing so, it helps to sustain demand in economic recessions, and prevents more people from being laid off. You are eligible for unemployment benefits if you have been involuntarily laid off recently, and are currently looking for new work, and can provide documentation proving both of the above conditions. During the application process, you will be provided with a list of acceptable documentation that can be used to satisfy the requirements.

How to apply for NJ unemployment insurance benefits

To begin your application for New Jersey unemployment insurance, go on over to, and click on “File an Unemployment Claim”. This website is run by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and administers unemployment benefits for all residents of New Jersey. You will be asked to give your Unemployment Benefits Online ID and Password to continue, and if this is your first time filing unemployment claims, it is unlikely that you’ll have one. Just click on “No” and you’ll be directed to a website where you can fill in your information to apply for an Online ID and Password with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Among the information required is your legal name, social security number, email, and telephone number. You can then choose your own Online ID and Password. Once you have these you can log onto the website and begin filling out your initial unemployment claim. Once you have finished the application, you’ll be asked to provide a bank account or a mailing address for the receipt of payment either through direct deposit or by check. After you have completed your initial unemployment claim, you still need to fill out a brief Weekly Continued Claim to continue getting your benefits, which you can do at the same website

August 3, 2010 Alabama Unemployment Benefits Claim

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If you want to find out about Alabama unemployment benefits, go on over to

Unemployment benefits are a safety net of the US economy, meant to provide temporarily unemployed workers with cash to tide them over while they look for work. The benefits are funded by an unemployment insurance tax levied on all businesses. Generally, the unemployment insurance program is considered an important counter-cyclical force in the economy, helping to buttress demand in recessions and depressions.

To apply for unemployment benefits, a person must demonstrate that he or she has just involuntarily lost his or her job (i.e. not a voluntary resignation), and that he or she is currently looking for work. Unfortunately, unemployment claims are administered on the state level and details differ greatly from state to state, so it is important to check with the appropriate state agency for your state.

In Alabama, the Department of Industrial Relations is in charge of processing unemployment claims (UC). At the Department of Industrial Relations website, you can make an initial claim for unemployment insurance, file your weekly claim certification, update your contact information and your receipt of payment method, as well as view your Form 1099-G tax documents.

While unemployment compensation usually lasts only for 26 weeks, in these difficult economic times, the duration of these benefits has been extended. Just a few days ago, Obama signed into law a one-time emergency six month extension of emergency benefits. So, even if you have previously applied for unemployment benefits and believe that your benefits are exhausted, you may be able to apply for an extension at the same website. Even if you have exhausted all regular state and federal emergency unemployment compensation, there is a program called the High Unemployment Extended benefits Compensation program that may provide you with an additional 20 weeks of benefits.

So, if you want to file an AL unemployment claim, or an extension to existing unemployment benefits, go on over to, the Alabama unemployment insurance benefits claim site.

June 24, 2010

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