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August 4, 2010 – Kitchendaily Food Recipes- Cooking Tips

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Find food recipes and cooking tips at, also known as

Do you cook at home? Do you like cooking? Where did you get your food recipes? Are you still wasting money on cooking books? Nowadays, there are so many web sites offering free cooking recipes for internet surfers. With these recipes sites, you don’t need to buy or borrow any cooking recipe books anymore. But the question is which web sites are good places to find food recipes and cooking tips?

The other day at my friend’s party, I tried a chicken dish cooked by one of my friends. It was so delicious. I was so impressed. So I asked my friend where she found the chicken recipe. She said she got the recipe from a web site called Kitchendaily.

After I came back from the party, I googled “Kitchendaily” and found the website: which is also accessible through this link: As its url indicates, is a food website operated under AOL. Now the site’s direct web address is

Benefits from visiting (

1. At (, you can find a wide variety of food recipes categorized by cuisine types, cooking materials, difficulty levels, etc. They have recipes not only for your everyday cooking but also for parties and special events.

2. On the site, you can read a lot of cooking related How-to articles to learn kitchen basics and cooking tips. For instance, you can learn how to cook eggs, how to cook seafood, how to cook vegetables, how to cook poultry and so on.

3. At, you can get to know top chefs and cooking experts such as Curtis Stone, Marcus Samuelsson, Mark Bittman, Tyler Florence, Gail Simmons and so on. Each of these famous chefs will show you some of their secret recipes.

4. Everyday there is a recipe recommended at for your dinner.

5. You can learn cooking by watching the How-To videos at the site.

6. By signing up a free account at, you can keep track of all your favorite recipes and enjoy more of their services

Food recipe web sites similar to (
If you like, you may also like, and All these web sites are also offering free recipes and cooking guides.

To get cooking tips and tricks and to find your favorite food recipes, try or

August 3, 2010 – Apply for Capital One Credit Cards Online

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Apply for Capital One credit cards online at is brought to you by the Capital One family of companies. At this web site, you can file a Capital One credit card application online.

Capital One is one of the major credit card issuers in the United States. There are multiple types of credit cards offered by Capital One nowadays such as Venture Rewards, VentureOne Rewards, No Hassle Cash Rewards, Capital One Platinum Prestige, Orbitz Visa Platinum, MTV Visa, Student Rewards and many other credit cards. If you are interested in learning additional information about credit cards offered by Capital One, you should visit where you can compare multiple CapitalOne credit cards side by side. is the web site for people who want to take the CaptialOne special offer to apply for a CapitalOne credit card online. From time to time, CapitalOne sends out credit card promotional offers by mail. For instance, offers like 0% balance transfer and promotional low APR within limited time  are commonly seen. People who have received these application invitation letters and want to response to these attractive offers will go to this website to file an application.

How to response to the CapitalOne credit card offer and apply for a Capital One credit card at

1. You need to visit This web address is shown on your offer letter.

2. To take the offer, you need to key in the 16 digits reservation number and the 6 digits Access code at the site. Both series of numbers can be found on the Capital One invitation letter you received in the mail.

3. Then you need to spend several minutes to finish a credit card application form with your information. Some of your sensitive information may be asked during the application. claims that their website comes with security features which will protect your personal information. To give yourself a peaceful mind, you should take a look of their security features before handing in your info.

4. If you have questions about your application, you should contact the CapitalOne credit card customer service or visit the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section at their website. In the FAQ section, you can find answers to many questions such as how to find out the status of your Capital One credit card application, how to manage your CapitalOne credit card account online, how to pay your creditcard bill automatically, what is your credit line and so on.

If you want to help Capital One to serve you better in the future, you can comment on their products and service by leaving a customer feedback. The feedback link is available on the top right hand of the webpage.

To take the CapitalOne credit card offer and to file a Capital One credit card application online, please visit to learn the details. – Latest MLB News on MSN Fox Sports

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For the latest MLB news and information, you should pay a visit to

Http:// is the official website of Fox Sports, the division of Fox Broadcasting Company that is dedicated to sports coverage. Fox Sports frequently has exclusive coverage of major sports events, and is generally well-respected for their sports coverage and analysis.

What information can you find at

At, you can find a treasure trove of information about Major League Baseball (MLB). There is the usual postgame analysis and comments, along with a chance for readers to share their opinions. You can view video replays of exciting moments from recent games.

There is also extensive coverage of player trades and analysis of team management hits and misses. For example, MLB on Fox Sports is right now featuring Trade Central 2010, with stats and analysis for every player and every deal.

There are also frequent polls where you can express your opinion on various baseball topics, such as which MLB team is the biggest winner at the MLB trade deadline.

The Fox Sports MLB site also provides a large amount of raw data and stats, such as the team roster and stats for every team on both the American and the National Leagues, the current standings for each team, and the past and upcoming schedule of games for each team.

You can also find the complete stats for every player in the MLB, either by browsing for the player by team, or searching for the player directly.
You can also take part in the free public fantasy baseball league, where you can draft players and pitch your teams against that of others, with the outcome determined by the players’ statistics during the ongoing season.
Finally, there is also the Fox Sports Store, where you can purchase collectible T-shirts, baseballs, and other memorabilia.

So, for your daily MLB news, go on over to – Fox Sports on MSN – Latest Sports News

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Find the latest sports news and headlines at, the website of Fox Sports on MSN.

Are you a sports fan? Which sport do you like the most: football, baseball, soccer, hockey, car racing, golf or tennis? Regardless of which sport you like, Fox Sports on MSN has the latest news on every major sport. If you are interested in many sports, this site is a very convenient site to keep up with the latest news and developments in all sports. For example, this summer has been a busy time for us sports fans. In July, we watched the South Africa Soccer World Cup games. Now we are following MLB games. At the end of August, there will be the tennis US Open. In September, a new season of NFL begins. is a professional sports news site providing comprehensive coverage for most sports, including NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA FB, NCAA BK, soccer, golf, tennis and more. Initially, it may appear that this site is just one of many websites that provide sports news, scores and other related information. Other popular sports news sites include,, and others. However, is one of the best news sites on the internet. There are many reasons to like the Fox Sports on MSN site. One of the major reasons that makes the website a superb sports website is the comprehensiveness of the information available.

At this website, you can get complete information for your favorite sports. For instance, MLB fans can check MLB scores, MLB schedule, MLB standings, MLB power ranking and other MLB news about their teams and favorite players at the Fox Sports on MSN site. They can also watch many MLB videos on the site. Similarly, NFL fans, NBA fans, NHL fans, NCAA fans and other sports fans can also find news and information they are interested in at

Besides news, also contains links to other useful online sports resources including, a web site for NASCAR and other auto racing news,, a website for college and high school football, basketball and other sports news,, a website for free online sports simulation games,, a site for Fox Sports radio,, the Fox Sports Shop,, a site for free sports fantasy games, and, the Fox Sports Video site. While most content at the Fox Sports on MSN site is accessible to all the internet surfers, some is only available for registered users. For instance, if you want to participate in the discussion on sports related topics with other fans at the Fox Sports Community (, you may need to register an account. It is free to sign up for an account anyway.

In conclusion,, the Fox Sports on MSN site is a great site for fans to find the latest news, rumors, scores, schedules, standings, fantasy games and other sports information. The Fox Sports community at is a good online place to meet other fans. Alabama Unemployment Benefits Claim

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If you want to find out about Alabama unemployment benefits, go on over to

Unemployment benefits are a safety net of the US economy, meant to provide temporarily unemployed workers with cash to tide them over while they look for work. The benefits are funded by an unemployment insurance tax levied on all businesses. Generally, the unemployment insurance program is considered an important counter-cyclical force in the economy, helping to buttress demand in recessions and depressions.

To apply for unemployment benefits, a person must demonstrate that he or she has just involuntarily lost his or her job (i.e. not a voluntary resignation), and that he or she is currently looking for work. Unfortunately, unemployment claims are administered on the state level and details differ greatly from state to state, so it is important to check with the appropriate state agency for your state.

In Alabama, the Department of Industrial Relations is in charge of processing unemployment claims (UC). At the Department of Industrial Relations website, you can make an initial claim for unemployment insurance, file your weekly claim certification, update your contact information and your receipt of payment method, as well as view your Form 1099-G tax documents.

While unemployment compensation usually lasts only for 26 weeks, in these difficult economic times, the duration of these benefits has been extended. Just a few days ago, Obama signed into law a one-time emergency six month extension of emergency benefits. So, even if you have previously applied for unemployment benefits and believe that your benefits are exhausted, you may be able to apply for an extension at the same website. Even if you have exhausted all regular state and federal emergency unemployment compensation, there is a program called the High Unemployment Extended benefits Compensation program that may provide you with an additional 20 weeks of benefits.

So, if you want to file an AL unemployment claim, or an extension to existing unemployment benefits, go on over to, the Alabama unemployment insurance benefits claim site. – Verizon Wireless Pix Place

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If you’re looking for the Verizon wireless pix place, head on over to This is where Verizon pictures from your Verizon mobile phones are stored.

Many people like to use their camera phones to photograph snippets from their daily lives, recording things they find interesting for future memories and to share with their friends. The problem, however, is that most cell phones have limited memory to store images. To circumvent the problem of limited memory, most Verizon cell phones are able to store images on the internet.
To store your images on the internet, you first need to compose a Verizon picture message, then select “Options” or “Menu” (varies by phone), and then “Online Album” or “to PIX place”. You cell phone will then mail the picture message to To retrieve your images from the internet, you need to visit to log in. Before you can log in, you need to register at the same site.

To register, enter your mobile number at the site, and a few minutes later, a password will be sent to your cell phone at that mobile number. You then enter your mobile phone number with the temporary password, and you will be able to view your online album. It’s best to quickly change your temporary password to something that you can easily remember, so that you would be able to log on in the future.

You can view your images online, or you can download them to your PC or Mac for local storage, or to print them out in hard copy as a photograph.

In addition to images, the Verizon PIX place can also store Verizon videos. Simply compose a video message, and mail it to “Online Album” or “to PIX place”.

So remember, to save the pictures and videos on your Verizon cellphone to your computer, simply send them to the PIX place, and then log on at to retrieve them.

August 1, 2010 – Fox Tune In To Win MLB Game Online

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Play Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online at

I am a big fan of major league baseball (MLB) games, but I have never heard of Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online until I visited, the official website of Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online.

The Fox Tune In To Win game site is hosted on the FoxSports MSN website. That is why when you type in the url:, you will be lead to

To play the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game at, you need to sign in first. You can use your Windows Live ID to sign in to on MSN. Windows Live ID is quite useful, which can be used to access many free online services at Windows Live, MSN and Microsoft Passport websites such emails and blogs. If you have not had a Windows Live ID yet, you can register one at for free. Or you can create a new account at on MSN. With the new foxsports MSN account, you cannot only play many fantasy games but also access sports blogs and personalized scorestrip. If you have never played the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game online, you may continue to read how to play Fox Tune In To Win MLB game.

How to play the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game

1. Visit the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game site at, as I mentioned above.

2. Sign into your account. If you are new, you can register one for free.

3. In your account, create a new entry for Tune In To Win MLB game. You can choose to receive weekly reminder emails which are usually delivered on Friday.

4. Choose a MLB game you want to play which will be watched on Fox in your market. You can find the matchup in your area by searching with your zip code at the home page of On the same site, you can also check the matchup schedule.

5. Answer the game’s questions and make your own picks. Three types of questions are covered including Best Fantasy Day, Player Outcomes and Team Outcomes. If you can make correct picks and answer these questions correctly, you can earn corresponding points.

6. Watch the MLB game on Fox and see how good your picks are. Better picks will bring you more points. You can check your status on the leaderboard at

7. Answer the bonus question at the seventh inning, you will earn additional points.

8. You can play the Fox Tune In To Win MLB game every week. Remember to check your weekly reminder emails.

Login to your account, you can track all your entries. On the MLB leaderboard at, you can see who the leader is in the current season. Now the number 1 on the list is DevizToo with 1848 points from 38 games.

In conclusion, the Fox Tune In To Win at is a free MLB game online. It is perfect for MLB fans and people who want to have more fun with MLB games.

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