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August 21, 2010 – Check Pennsylvania Lottery Game Winner Numbers

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Check Pennsylvania lottery numbers at the official website of the Pennsylvania Lottery,

Every US state runs a lottery program, whose proceeds go to fund state initiatives. In the case of Pennsylvania, about 60 cents of every dollar spent on lotteries is distributed as lottery prizes. Another 10 cents goes to the operating costs and retailer commissions incurred by the lottery, and the remaining 30 cents is spent on state services for senior citizens.
Pennsylvania Lottery is the only lottery in the nation that exclusively targets all its proceeds to programs for older residents, programs such as property tax and rent rebates for seniors, reduced transit fares, a more than 600 senior community centers.

At, the official website of PA lottery, you can check Pennsylvania lottery winning numbers of a variety of games such as Daily Number, Big 4, Quinto, Treasure Hunt, Cash 5, Cash 6, Match 6, Mega Millions, and Powerball. You can also view the past winning numbers of all these games, and also read about past winners and how they have used their winnings.

If you are looking to play these lottery games, you can look for a nearby licensed retailer on the website by entering your zip code or entering you’re the city and county names where you live. You can also join the VIP Player’s Club at the website. To enter the Club, you need to enter your name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth. As a member in the VIP Player’s Club, winning numbers of the games you select will be emailed to you daily, and you will also be informed of special Pennsylvania Lottery offers and information. There is also a knowledgebase and FAQ at the site, where you can find answers to commonly asked questions, such as where to go to claim your large winnings. At the same site, you can also submit questions to customer service staff.

So, to check Pennsylvania Lottery winning numbers, visit

August 20, 2010 – Printable Post-it Coupons

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Get printable Post-It coupons at

Post-Its are those little pieces of note paper with a re-usable strip of adhesive at the back, so that you can remove and re-stick the notes wherever you want. Traditionally, they are yellow notepads, though they now come in multiple colors.

Interestingly, Post-It’s history began with a failure. In the late 1960s, scientists at 3M were reformulating their adhesive formulas, and one particular formula gave a weak adhesive that came off easily. This formula was widely regarded as useless, and was canned until the late 1970s, when someone had the idea of putting the weak adhesive behind little pieces of paper to use as movable notes. The first Post-Its came in yellow because the scientists used scrap yellow paper which was available to them. The product was initially a failure, because consumers were not used to the notes and could not think of uses for them. It became a success only after free samples were widely disseminated, and it became clear that the notes were very useful for lots of tasks, such as leaving messages, organizing thoughts, and jotting down to do notes. Today, they are a fixture of any office. In fact, PostIt has become so successful that 3M has made many derivative products from the same weak glue, including Post-It notes of many different colors and sizes, PostIt flags, and PostIt tags.

3M has even come up with a version of Post-Its with a stronger, but still removable, glue, and calls it PostIt Super Sticky Notes. The Super Sticky Notes stick better to rough and uneven surfaces, such as office walls and doors. All these products are available at the PostIt official website,

How to get Post-it coupons
At, you can also sign up for PostIt Perks, the PostIt Note fan club. Once you’re signed up, 3M will email you various special offers and promotions on their products. From time to time, they also offer printable Post-it coupons on for you to print out. So, to obtain PostIt coupons or join the PostIt Perks fan club, just go to

August 19, 2010 – Safeway Customer Survey – Win $500

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Take the Safeway customer survey to get a free sweepstake entrée to win $500 at

Safeway is a grocery store chain in the United States. If you have recently made a purchase in a Safeway store, you may have been invited to participate in the Safeway Customer Survey, also known as Safeway1 study. How do you know whether you have been invited for the Safeway survey or not? The simple answer is checking your Safeway receipt. If your receipt shows something like “Take a survey – Enter to win $500…” at the bottom, then you are invited. You may have visited Safeway stores multiple times recently, but you can only do the Safeway customer survey once since they limit one survey per household.

Why do you want to take Safeway survey online? There are at least two reasons. First, taking Safeway customer survey is a way to let Safeway know what you think of their services. You may like shopping groceries at Safeway stores and you are satisfied with their products or services. Or you may find some of their services fall short. Safeway is interested in your opinions and feedbacks. If they know what their customers’ want, they can make improvement correspondingly so that they can serve you better in the future. Second, you can enter a drawing to win $500 in Safeway gift cards for free, which is a way Safeway to say thank you for your time and effort participating their survey. If you want to take this Safeway customer survey, please read on to learn how to take Safeway survey.

How to participate in Safeway Customer Survey
1. Go online and visit You may notice that this survey is hosted at, a website owned by Luth Research, LLC. If you are interested in taking surveys and getting paid regularly, you may consider joining the SurveySavvy panel, a BBB accredited business.
2. On, you can find the detailed information about this Safeway1 study including the drawing rule in details.
3. To take the Safeway survey, you have to type in the receipt code which can be found on your receipt. The receipt code is a 19-digit code right below the web address:
4. The survey questions are simple. You can finish them within minutes. When taking surveys, you don’t need to worry that you give wrong answers. There is no right or wrong for survey answers. As long as you give your honest opinions, it is OK. That is the purpose for customer survey. Merchants want the real opinions of their customers. No matter they are positive or negative.
5. Remember to provide your name and contact information at the end of the Safeway survey. This information will be only used for the drawing entrée. If you are one of the three winners who win the $500, they can inform you by using your contact information. If you are lucky and you won the drawing, you will be informed by Nov. 5, 2010. Or you can check the drawing results at after Nov. 12, 2010.

Enjoy voicing your opinion by taking the Safeway customer survey. Good luck for your $500 gift cards drawing.

August 12, 2010 – 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program

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24hr fitness new members earn medals to get 24 hour fitness rewards at

At 24 Hour Fitness centers, you can get fit and get rewarded by doing physical exercise. That sounds cool, doesn’t it? Are you a new member of 24Hour Fitness? If your answer is yes, you may be eligible for joining the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards program. To find out the detailed information about your eligibility, you should visit, the web site for the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program, particularly their FAQ section. The same website can also be accessed by using

As a 24Hour Fitness rewards member, you can earn “Medals” by participating 24Hour Fitness activities such as working out 4 times per month, taking Group X class or surveys, and so on. For example, if you can go to their club to work out 100 days in the first half year, you can earn 2 medals. That sounds very ambitious. But overall it is a good reason to keep you doing more physical exercise. At, you can find the detailed information on how to earn 24 hour fitness medals. Clicking on the link “Earn Medals”, you will see a list of qualified activities for medal rewards.

These rewarded Medals can be exchanged for 24 hour fitness rewards including merchandise and their services. More medals you earn, better rewards you will get. For example, if at the end of the program, you have 16 medals, then you can redeem them for a Mini FM Pocket Radio. But if you get 24 medals, you can choose a Tetragon 5 Tent or a Dunlop Golf DDH Tour Stand Bag as your reward. They have multiple gift choices for each medal level. If you are curious to learn what rewards you can earn in the program, maybe it is a good idea for you to browse through their medal reward store at To visit the reward store, you simply click on the link “+Rewards” found on the top left of the page.

Before you can earn medals, you should join the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program by signing up an account at If you are an existing account holder, you can login to your account by using your member ID and password.

To learn the details on or sign up for the 24 Hour Fitness New Member Rewards Program, please visit or

August 10, 2010 – Target Survey

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To take part in the Target survey, go on over to

The Target customer satisfaction survey is administered through their website, at Online administration of surveys is an increasingly popular option for businesses, because it decreases the cost of the survey, and automates the collection of survey data for later analysis.

If you want to take part in the Target customer survey, you need to have bought something at a Target store recently, and have received a receipt. At the bottom of some receipts is a User ID and Password. If you have one of the receipts with a User ID and password, you can log in with them at the website, and take the Target customer survey. This is a short 5-10 minute survey. After you have completed the survey, you will be entered into the Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $5000 Target gift card. There is one drawing per month, and hence once chance to win every month.

Target Inc. is a major general merchandise and food retailer in the United States, and every day, millions of people shop at this stores. While it is not the cheapest retailer to shop at, it aims to provide value for its middle class customers by providing a broader selection of goods compared to other stores, and generally providing better service. With this business model, it is thus extremely important for Target to understand the needs and wants of its customers in order to provide the correct selection of products and better service. Surveys are an important tool to understand a business’s customers, and also provide a venue for unhappy customers to vent, and therefore provides a chance to recapture the business of unhappy customers. To achieve these ends, Target has initiated a customer satisfaction survey for its customers.

So, if you have purchased goods at Target recently, go on over to to take part in the Target survey to get a chance to win $5000.

August 6, 2010 – File an Unemployment Benefits Claim in New Jersey

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To find out about and collect New Jersey unemployment compensation, you need to visit the NJ unemployment website at

Unemployment insurance is an important component of the US economy. It aims to provide cash to the temporarily unemployed to tide them over until they find new work. In doing so, it helps to sustain demand in economic recessions, and prevents more people from being laid off. You are eligible for unemployment benefits if you have been involuntarily laid off recently, and are currently looking for new work, and can provide documentation proving both of the above conditions. During the application process, you will be provided with a list of acceptable documentation that can be used to satisfy the requirements.

How to apply for NJ unemployment insurance benefits

To begin your application for New Jersey unemployment insurance, go on over to, and click on “File an Unemployment Claim”. This website is run by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and administers unemployment benefits for all residents of New Jersey. You will be asked to give your Unemployment Benefits Online ID and Password to continue, and if this is your first time filing unemployment claims, it is unlikely that you’ll have one. Just click on “No” and you’ll be directed to a website where you can fill in your information to apply for an Online ID and Password with the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Among the information required is your legal name, social security number, email, and telephone number. You can then choose your own Online ID and Password. Once you have these you can log onto the website and begin filling out your initial unemployment claim. Once you have finished the application, you’ll be asked to provide a bank account or a mailing address for the receipt of payment either through direct deposit or by check. After you have completed your initial unemployment claim, you still need to fill out a brief Weekly Continued Claim to continue getting your benefits, which you can do at the same website

August 5, 2010

August 4, 2010 – Play Free Online Games for Girls

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Play free online games for girls at, the girls go games web site. is a site where you can play girls games for free online. Now there are more than 2500 girls games available at, and every day they add new ones onto their site. All the girls games at the site are well-categorized. Their categories include dress up, adventure, doll games, make up, makeover, princess, puzzle and much more. The Kiss games, horse games and hairdresser games on the site are very popular among girls recently. Facing so many girls games, many visitors may ask the question: How do I know which games I should play first? To help you find the most popular game on the site, the site shows a top 10 list which can be found on the top right hand side of the page. That is why I think the layout of this site is user-friendly. Right now the top 3 ones on the list includes Princess Hairstyle, Girl Band Dress Up and Rock Chick Hairstyles. Because many factors can influence the ranking, the ranking may not 100% reflex the quality. To solve this problem, they also handpicked some and compiled a recommended list shown on the lower right hand of their homepage. For instance, Little Dragon Dress Up is one girls games recommended by the site. In order to find your favorite games fast, you probably should start with the recommended one in my opinion. On the top middle of the page, they also show the pictures of their new games which they update frequently. If you want to play something new, you don’t want to miss this section.

To play all these girls games at, you need to sign up for an account at the site. The initial sign up is free. The site is available in 11 languages. So you don’t need to play them in English. You can play in whatever language your comfortable with. For instance, if you want to play girls games in French, you can select the language “French” and you will be lead to their French site: You may already notice that the domain name is different.

Who is the owner of is owned and operated by SPIL GAMES, a multinational company specialized in online casual gaming. The company was founded in 2001 by Peter Driessen and Bennie Eeftink, 2 guys from Netherlands. Today, SPIL GAMES owns 45 internet gaming web sites and is doing business worldwide. Besides, this company also owns,, and other popular online gaming sites. They have offices in many countries including China, Germany, UK and Netherlands. SPIL GAMES offers tons of online games to entertain millions of families, teens, kids and gamers from all over the world. To learn the detailed information about this company, you should visit, their official website.

Girl games sites similar to

1. is a web site where you can find a large selection of girl games for girls including make up, dress up, painting games and others. You can easily browse through this website by using their well-organized categories.

2. Girls and kids can play free online fashion games at the 123Peppy web site. This web site is well-designed and available in multiple languages including Fresh, Italian, Russian, German and more.

3. is another web site where you can play girls dressup games online for free. This is a nice-looking gaming site. They also have a fashion club.

In conclusion, is a game site for girls to hangout. At this site, kids can play free online girls games. – Sun Life Financial Canada – Life Insurance

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Visit to find life insurance, financial plans, group benefits and other products offered by Sun Life Financial Canada.

This web site is brought to you by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. This site is available both in English and French version and designed particularly for Sun Life Financial Canadian customers. If you are not from Canada, you may want to visit, the Sun Life Financial global site to find related information in your region.

Information available at

You can view financial products and services available at Sun Life Financial Canada such as life insurance, health insurance, investments, group benefits, group retirement services and so on at this site. The company serves both individual investors and business customers.

If you are an existing customer of the company, you can view your plan, check your claim and manage your account online at Before accessing your information, you need to sign in your account at, the Sun Life Financial plan member account login page. If you prefer to access this page in French, you can use this link: Your access ID and password are required during the sign in process.

If you are an insurance shopper, you may also benefit from a brief tour of this website. For instance you can find practical financial tools and calculators to help you figure out how much coverage you need to protect yourself and your family.

This web site has 4 sections designed for different people including For Individuals, For Plan Members, For Plan Sponsors and For Advisors. Make sure you browse the site in the correct section according to your status.

Here are several similar websites where you can find insurance and group benefits offers for Canadians.
1., the website for Manulife Financial Canada which also provides group benefits, insurance, investments and banking products and services in Canada.
2., the official website of Canada Life, a company offering insurance and wealth management services in Canada.
3., the official site of Standard Life Canada, a company providing insurance and group benefits products and services for Canadians.

In conclusion, is the website offered by Sun Life Financial Canada to their current and potential customers who need their health insurance, life insurance, investments, retirement planning, group benefits, group retirement services and other financial products and services. – Compare Credit Cards

Filed under: Finance — Tags: , — Paul @ 4:13 pm is a credit-card comparison site.

Need new credit cards? Want to replace your current card with a better one? If so, you may want to visit this web site which may help you to make your own decision.

Nowadays there are so many types of credit cards offered by different issuers. How do you know which one is the best? It is a tough question to answer, isn’t it. I believe there is no single card perfect for everybody. Different people have different needs. And different people also  have different financial history. Cards for excellent credit may not be available for people with terrible financial history. Hotel rewards cards may not be suitable for people who are looking for Gasoline rewards cards. That is why people need a website where they can compare them side-by-side. When there is a need, there is a supply. The best way to do business is to provide products and/or services to satisfy people’s needs. That is why there are many credit-card comparison sites available on the internet. is just one of them. If you are interested in other similar sites, you may find them listed below.

Compare credit cards and find the best one at

This website is very user-friendly. All the cards are carefully categorized, which allow you find the one you want easily. For instance, their categories include instant approval, rewards, 0% balance transfer, low APR and so on. If you are looking for a card coming with gasoline rewards, you simply browse through the Gasoline category. This site also allows you to check the terms and benefits of each card and compare them side by side. After you make your decision, you can file your application directly on their site.

At this website, you can find both credit cards and prepaid debit cards. It seems this site is designed for people with different financial status. If you have a lot of debts, you may consider to apply for a prepaid debit card since it might be easier to get it. Some prepaid debit cards have the instant-approval feature, which means your application can be approved without detailed background check. This will increase your chance to get a successful application and it also save your waiting time.

Credit Cards comparison sites similar to

There are several other credit-card comparison sites including,, and other more. You can try them and see which one you like most.

In conclusion, is a web site designed for people to compare credit cards and apply for credit cards online.

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