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November 10, 2010 – Shop Your Way Rewards Program | Sears | Kmart is the official web site for the Shop Your Way Rewards program.

What is the Shop Your Way Rewards program?
The ShopYourWay Rewards program is a shopping rewards program for shoppers to earn rewards when they shop at stores owned by Sears Brand LLC. such as Sears, Kmart, Land’s End, The Great Outdoors and so on. It is a free program to join. Members can join it for free and no membership fee is required. Currently, the website is down for upgrading. But according to the message on the site, it will be back live soon.

What are the benefits to being a member of the ShopYourWay Rewards program?
There are many benefits to joining the ShopYourWayRewards program. The major benefit is that members of this program can earn rewards points for their qualifying in-store, online, or phone orders made at stores owned by Sears Brand LLC.. For instance, they can earn rewards points when shopping at their local Sears or Kmart stores, or online at stores in the Sears family such as,,, and the like. The regular rewards rate is 10 points for $1 spent, which is approximately 1% back in rewards. (It may not be called “cashback” since the rewards they offer is store credits instead of real cash.) This means when you spend $100, you can earn 1000 rewards points. The rewards points will be accumulated on your ShopYourWay Rewards Card and they can be redeemed for your future in-store or online purchases made at Sears, Kmart and other Sears stores. They also offer members-exclusive coupons and deals frequently. Sometimes during their promotional periods, members can earn extra rewards points or cashback on qualified purchases. Besides all these savings offers, ShopYourWay Rewards program members may get chances to participate in the Kmart K’Ching Surprises, a sweepstakes instant win game to win prizes. This Kmart K’Ching Surprises sweepstakes is only available for US residents aged 18 years old or older. Lastly, members of the ShopYourWayRewards program can enjoy receipt-free returns. They don’t need the receipt to return an items since all the purchases have been recorded on their ShopYourWayRewards cards.

How to get a Shop Your Way Rewards Card?
In order to enjoy all the members’ benefits, you have to sign up for this program and get a Shop Your Way Rewards Card. Every time when you shop at participating stores, you have to present the ShopYourWay Rewards card to receive the rewards. To sign up for the ShopYourWay Rewards program, you can visit your local Sears or Kmart stores or online at
If you are a loyal customer of Sears or Kmart and want to save money on your expenses, you should consider joining the ShopYourWay Rewards program since it is an absolutely free rewards program. Visit to learn more information on the Sears, Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards program.

November 9, 2010 – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Rates is the web page to check Wells Fargo home mortgage rates. No matter if you plan to buy a new house or refinance your current loan, you will find the relevant interest rates on the site.

How to check Wells Fargo home mortgage rates
Enter the following address in your web browser: The interest rates for both new mortgage loans and for mortgage refinance loans offered by Wells Fargo can be found. Note that these different loans carry different interest rates, because they are for different purposes and carry different default rates.

When you arrive at the page mentioned above, you will see a red button located right on the middle left of the page and it says “Check Today’s Rates”. Click on it and you will be led to the page: where you will see a table with mortgage loan options, interest rate and APR listed. Note that this interest rate is for a refinancing of a single-family, primary residence. It is not the rate for a new home purchase.

To check the new purchase Wells Fargo home mortgage rates, you should use the Calculate Rates and Payments tool found on the right hand side of the WellsFargo mortgage page. Before getting the interest rate, you need to fill out a short form with required information. For loan purpose, choose “Purchase” if you plan to take a new loan, otherwise choose “Refinance”. You need to put in your home value and loan amount. You also need to select your property’s State and Country from drop down lists. Since all these factors will influence the interest rates, make sure that you enter the required information correctly and precisely. After that, click on the “get rates” button. And on the next page, you will see a table containing multiple common types of loans and their interest rates, APR and payment listed correspondingly. For instance, today’s 30 Year Fixed FHA home mortgage rate for a new home purchase in my region is 4.25%. Note that not all the mortgage loan options offered by Wells Fargo are listed on the site. If you want to learn the rates of their other loan types, you may need to contact them directly.

How to contact Wells Fargo mortgage customer service
There are several ways you can contact Wells Fargo mortgage customer service representatives. You can send an email to them by filling out the online contact form at You can call their toll free phone number: 1-877-937-9357. You can visit their local mortgage branch office in your area or request a local mortgage consultant to contact you at


November 8, 2010 Survey – Sears Feedback Survey Sweepstakes |Win a $4000 Sears Gift Card

Take the Sears customer satisfaction survey at the survey website to win a $4000 Sears gift card in the Sears feedback survey sweepstakes. is the website for shoppers to participate in the Sears customer survey online. This survey is designed to collect Sears customers’ feedback and opinions. Like many other customer surveys, this Sears survey is hosted on a third party’s website:, a site from The Link Group Market Research.

This Sears customer satisfaction survey is short and it can be finished within approximately 5 to 10 minutes. It can be taken in two languages: English or Spanish, according to your personal language preference. The survey incentive is a free sweepstakes entry. After completing all the survey questions, respondents have the option of getting a free entry for their quarterly sweepstakes. The winner will win a $4000 Sears gift card. The official rules of the Searsfeedback survey sweepstakes are available at

Due to technical issues, the survey cannot be accessed on all computers. If you cannot take the survey on on your computer, you still have chance to enter the Sears gift cards sweepstakes. The detailed instructions on how to enter the Sears gift cards quarterly sweepstakes by mail are available in the official rules of sweepstakes.

For the current sweepstakes, all the online entry must be made between August 1, 2010 and Oct. 30, 2010. The deadline for the mail-in entry is different (see the official rules for details). This Sears gift cards sweepstakes is only available for people living in the US aged 18 years old or older. There is also a limit of 3 entries per person.

If you just shopped at Sears, take a look of your receipt from your most recent visit. You might be invited to participate in the Searsfeedback survey. Sears values all their customers’ feedback. They want to know whether their customers like their products or services. There is a time limit for the invitation to be valid. You have to take the survey on within 7 days after your purchase.

How to take the Sears survey to win a $4000 Sears gift card:
1. Visit
2. Choose the language you prefer: English or Spanish
3. Read the official rules of Searsfeedback survey sweepstakes
4. After selecting the language, on the next page, enter the 12 digit Sales check number found on the top of the receipt to start the Sears Feedback survey.
5. Read and answer all the survey questions carefully and honestly.
6. At the end of the survey, you need to provide your personal information such as your name, email, address, phone number and so on for sweepstakes entry purpose. Before handing in all your information, you may also want to read their privacy policy.

Website for Searsfeedback survey sweepstakes:

November 7, 2010

November 6, 2010 – Doritos Codes for 3D Madden NFL 11 Game

Filed under: Games & Toys — Tags: , , — Paul @ 2:26 pm is the official website for the Doritos Change the Game where consumers can redeem their Doritos codes to get codes for Madden NFL 11 in 3D.

How to get the code to unlock the Doritos 3D mode on the Madden NFL 11 game?
In order to get the exclusive game mode unlocking code, you need to get a code on the bag of participating Doritos chips. On those bags, you will see labels saying “Grab a bag, get the code” and “Madden NFL 11 in 3D”. On the front of the bag, you will see a 9 digit number which is the code you want. Here are two codes I found on my bags of Doritos Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips: 392229328 and 392339331. On the back of the bag, there is an instruction on how to redeem your Doritos code online and it also explains what you need to play Madden NFL 11 in Doritos 3D mode.

To get the Madden 11 3D code, visit, the link for the Doritos Change the Game site. On the homepage, select “Skip intro and redeem Doritos 3D codes”. On the next page, click on the link “start redeeming codes”. Other two options include “What is Doritos 3D mode?” and “Get Doritos 3D Glasses”. If you want to learn more on it or to purchase Doritos 3D Glasses, you may click on them. When arriving at the redemption page, you need to fill out a code claim form by entering the 9 digit bag code or promo code got from in-store promotion, name, birthday and email address. You also need to select on which types of game console you play the game: Xbox 360 or PS3. You have options to receive news from Doritos or EA in the future. After reading and agreeing their offer terms, click the red “Redeem” link and you are set. To unlock the 3D mode in the NFL game, you need to use a Xbox 360 or PS3 console with internet connection.

You don’t need a special TV to play the game. But you do need a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses. If you prefer, you can buy them online at the site as well.

The 3D mode will not be available until Nov. 11, 2010. The  codes for Madden 11 in 3D mode are redeemable on the site during the promotional period from Nov. 1, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2010. The official rules and terms & conditions are available on

Website: – MyPanera Card Online Registration is the web page designed for people to complete the MyPanera card online registration.

People who have joined the MyPanera program and received a MyPanera card at participating Panera Bread bakery-café can activate their card on the web at The direct link to the registration page is or Only after activating the card can the card owner start to earn rewards.

People who are interested in this rewards program and want to join it should visit or visit the participating Panera Bread locations to learn the details of the program. Please be aware that the MyPanera card can only be picked up at local stores before they are registered online for activation. Currently not all the Panera Bread locations are in the rewards program. For instance, there is no participating location in the state of Arkansas. To find a participating location in your neighborhood, you can check it on the web at Since the program just started not long time ago, it is possible that more and more Panera Bread locations will be added.

Below is a brief review of the MyPanera rewards program.

What is MyPanera? It is a customer rewards program provided by Panera Bread, a bakery-café chain in the North America. It is a way Panera Bread to express their appreciation to their valued customers. The MyPanera program is not fee-based. People can join it for free. It only accepts members aged 13 years old or older.

What is the benefit of being a member of the MyPanera program? The main benefit of joining the program is that you get a chance to receive personalized bonuses or gifts as rewards from Panera Bread. This is a random rewards program, and is not a point accumulation-based rewards program, so members don’t need to keep an eye on their transactions. Instead, Panera Bread will keep track their members’ ordering preferences and they will analyze the data to see what each member like or dislike. Then based on the information, they will send members rewards such as free food, recipes, special invitations and others to them. If the member gets a reward, he or she will be notified in store when placing an order on his or her account. After receiving the rewards alert, the member has to redeem it within 60 days, otherwise the offer will be gone forever.

How to register your MyPanera card online for activation
Visit, a web page at the program’s official web site.
Fill out the registration form with your 12 digits MyPanera card number and the 4 digits registration code which are available on the back of your card.
Create a username and password.
Check the box after reading the terms and conditions of the program.
Complete the registration by entering your personal information including your address, email, birthday and the like. Please be aware that you cannot edit your birthday once entered since it might be used to send your birthday rewards gift.

At this time, they are offering a sign up bonus. After activating the card at, the member will get his or her first reward gift when visiting a participating Panera Bread baker-café next time.

Website for MyPanera Card online registration:

November 5, 2010 – USA Today Crossword Puzzles – USA Today Crossword is the puzzle website of USA Today, a prominent daily newspaper in the United States published by the Gannett Company. It is a well known national daily, distributed in all 50 states and in Canada, Puerto Rico, and UK. It is a staple in many hotels and airports throughout the nation, where the paper is often distributed free to tourists and travelers. It is known for its light and breezy reporting style, and is widely regarded as less serious than more stately dailies such as the New York Times and Washington Post. However, it is still a widely read newspaper, especially by people on vacation who want a less serious perspective on daily news.

USA Today is divided into several different sections, including News, Money, Sports, and Life. The Life section contains news on celebrities, movies, TV shows, books and music. It also has a Games section, which is one of the most popular sections of the paper. The USA Today crossword puzzle is especially popular among readers. Every day, millions of readers test their wits with the crossword puzzle.

However, sometimes, the crossword puzzle is too hard, and you want to keep a permanent copy of the puzzle for later. Many people like to solve crosswords in their spare time on the weekends, when USA Today is not published. Or sometimes, the answer to a particularly hard clue comes to you after several weeks. So, it is nice to have a permanent copy of the crossword puzzle around. You can, of course, clip the crossword from the paper, but you would then have to file the paper copies to make sure you do not lose it. But there is a simpler solution. Simply go to, a website specifically designed for USA Today Crossword, where you can access a two week archive of all the crosswords that have been published in the paper.

At, you can also obtain hints to help you solve the puzzle. If you are stuck at a particularly difficult clue, you can ask the computer to give you a couple of letters, or simply solve the entire word. You can also choose to print the blank puzzle, print the puzzle with your entries, or simply print the entire solution to the puzzle. If you are a true enthusiast and want to access all the past puzzles from USA Today, the site also gives you an option to join The Puzzle Society, which would give you full access to past puzzles, in addition to thousands of other archived crosswords and games. So for all your gaming and puzzle needs, go to the USA Today Crossword Puzzles site at

November 4, 2010 – YouTube Music Videos is the link for the YouTube Music Videos web page where you can find a wide variety of music videos. No matter if you are looking for classical or newly released titles, you can find the music video from your favorite artist at this site.

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing web sites on the internet. It was founded in 2005 and it was designed for people to share video content. After the site was launched, it quickly gained the popularity among internet users. Because of its success, was sold for $1.65 billion by its original owner to Google Inc., a company which also owns GOOGLE, the number one search engine in the world. Today, is among the top 5 most visited website in the United States. If you are living in the US and have computer and internet access, it is very unlikely that you have never heard of or visited this site.

Why is so popular?
The answer is simple. Because it satisfies people’s needs. On, people can register an account for free. The registered users can upload, manage and share their video clips. And there is no limitation to how many of videos they can upload. Unregistered users can view the videos that they are interested in on the site, even though they don’t have the right to upload videos without account registration. Since YouTube is a website of Google, you have the option of connecting their YouTube account to their Google account. This will allow google account holders to access all the google’s products and services easily.

To many people, it is really a good deal to get unlimited online video storage space for free. These days high quality camcorders are getting cheaper and cheaper. And many portable electronic devices have the video recording function such as mobile phones and iPod touch. These changes make home video producing very affordable. Many people like shooting funny, sweet or other important moments in their life to share them with their friends and family. For these people, YouTube is ideal since it provides a convenient way for video sharing. With YouTube, they don’t need to bother to send the tape or disc to their audience anymore. So if you like self-broadcasting and need a platform to showcase your talent, you will like YouTube which will enable you to reach millions of people from all over the world.

Many types of video content are available on, including movie trailers, TV shows clips, funny home videos, music videos and so on. When you feel lonely or bored, you can get yourself entertained by watching videos on this site. With WiFi, 3G and or 4G technology, you can do on-the-go video streaming with your portable devices such as smart phones, iphones, ipod touch, netbooks and the like. If you want to enjoy watching YouTube Music videos, is the site to find them.

On, the music video clips are categorized according to the music type and the popularity. The music types available on the site include Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classic and so on. If you have no idea which clips to pick, you may want to start from those most watched ones. For instance, Only Girl by Rihanna is a very popular music video. Be aware that before watching music videos on YouTube, you may need to spend several seconds to viewing commercial first. If you use a slow internet access to watch the videos, you may want to let the program download the whole episode before watching them in order to play them smoothly. Alternatively, you can lower the video resolution.

Enjoy watching YouTube Music Videos on

November 3, 2010 – Download Free ebook: FAFSA Guide

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Get FAFSA help and download the free ebook: FAFSA Guide at

Students in the United States who want to get financial aid from institutions or state or federal governments for higher education may need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA form should be submitted, updated and renewed annually. The student’s and his or her family’s financial information will be collected in the FAFSA application and it will be used to determine the student’s eligibility for financial aid. Only students with low EFC, or Expected Family Contribution, will be eligible for certain types of financial aid such as Pell Grant. When preparing a FAFSA, students can file it online at the US Department of Education’s website: , mail the completed form to them or ask a fee-based professional to prepare it for them., a website providing student loan services, is owned and operated by Edvisors Network, Inc., an online education company located in Quincy, MA.

On, people can find useful information about student loans, education loans, scholarships and FAFSA application. It will tell you how to check FAFSA deadlines and your FAFSA pin online, how to renew your FAFSA and so on. This FAFSAOnline site is also offering an ebook: FAFSA Guide for free download. If you need step-by-step FAFSA help, you may read it. Here is the link:

This site is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. Students who want to learn scams or reviews may want to read the FAFSAOnline report at the BBB site.

Check out and download the free ebook: FAFSA Guide to learn the details on how to prepare your Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

November 1, 2010 | Yahoo Answers | Open Questions | Yahoo Answers | Open Questions

Check out the open questions on Yahoo Answers at
Yahoo Answers is a website where people can share information and knowledge by asking and/or answering questions. Almost any topic can be discussed on the site.
To some people, life is simple. They can handle everything with the knowledge they have acquired. But these people are rare. To most of us, life is full of problems. Most people don’t have enough experience or knowledge to solve the problems they face in their life. That is why they have questions and they want to ask more experienced or knowledgeable people for answers. For instance, kids usually find answers from their parents or teachers; young people usually seek advice from more senior people; adults usually discuss their difficulties with their friends, family or colleagues. But there are some occasions when they don’t want to seek help from their friends and acquaintances. Why? There can be many reasons. The most common one is that they feel embarrassed to ask certain questions. That is why many people like asking questions online and seeking answers from a total stranger.
When you raise a question online, you will most likely not feel as anxious as you do it face to face. You don’t need to worry too much that people will laugh at you because of your silly or embarrassing questions since they don’t know you. Besides, asking questions online may help you find the best solution for your problem since millions of experienced, well-educated, talented people worldwide may like to help you.

Then the question is where to ask questions and find answers on the internet. There are several websites offering this kind of service. The popular websites include Ask, Wiki Answers and Yahoo Answers.

On Yahoo Answers (, users can ask and answer questions and vote for the best answers. To ask a question on it, you need to a Yahoo ID and login to your account. You can add details to the question you want to ask and choose whether to receive email-alert when someone posts an answer. To answer a question, you browse the list of open questions on Yahoo Answers at Only the currently open questions can be answered, the resolved questions cannot. When a new question is posted, it will be left on the list of open questions for 4 days. When answering a question, you can add references such as a post link or a website link in the sources field.

So if you are a warm-hearted knowledgeable person and want to help other people on the Yahoo Answers, you can take a look at what open questions are available on the site. If you know their answers, you may share your views or insights with other people. As you may know, helping other people is a way to find happiness for yourself.


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