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November 23, 2010 – Missing Pet Locating Service | Lost My Doggie is the official website for Lost My Doggie, a missing pet locating  service provider.

Who needs the products and/or services provided by LostMyDoggie?
LostMyDoggie will help people find their lost pets. But don’t be fooled by its name. LostMyDoggie not only help dog owners to find their missing dogs but also helps cat owners to find their missing cats. If you have a question: where can I find a company providing the missing pet recovery service, you may need to look into this website.

How can you find a missing cat or a missing dog?
Many people may think that this is a hard question to answer. But actually if you are a pet owner and have previously lost your pet, you may be able to answer this question. When you find your cat or dog missing, there are two possibilities. First, they are hiding somewhere in your house. Second, they are lost outside your house.

The first situation is very common for cats. Cats are easily scared by many things. They don’t like strangers around. When you hold a big party at home, many friends, colleagues and/or relatives may come to your house. These people are total strangers to your cat and they will make your cat feel unsafe. That is why during these occasions, your cat may hide itself somewhere safe in your house. If that is the case, you don’t need to worry since the cat will come out several hours later by itself when it feels safe again, particularly when it feels hungry.

The second situation is the real problem for many pet owners. If your dog or cat is lost in your neighborhood, sometimes it can remember its way back home and go back home by itself. Otherwise your neighbors are very likely to help you find your missing cat or dog. But the problem is that your neighbors may not know that your pet is missing, even though they would like to help you. The question is how to inform your neighbors that your pet is lost? The ideal way is to call them one by one. But it is a time- and energy-consuming process, if you do it by yourself. Fortunately, you can pay a fee to hire LostMyDoggie, a missing pet recovery service to help you deliver your amber alert lost pet message to your neighbors by phone. Besides your neighbors, other people who have a high chance of finding your missing dog or cat include people working in Animal hospitals, Animal shelters, Animal Control or other pet business in your area. LostMyDoggie is also offering a fee-based service to notify them for you.

There are 3 amber alert pet packages available on They come with different prices and different successful recovery rates. In general, packages with higher successful rates are more expensive. If you have lostmydoggie coupon codes, you may save some money on your orders.

Visit to learn the detailed information about the missing pet recovery service provided by Lost My Doggie.

November 22, 2010 – Home Depot Opinion Survey

Participate in the Home Depot opinion survey online to get a free entry to the $5000 Home Depot gift card sweepstakes at, the Home Depot survey site. is the URL for the official website of the Home Depot Opinion Survey. This site is brought to you by Home Depot, a popular store chain specializing in providing products and services for construction and/or home improvement and repair. The parent company of this store is a publicly-traded company with the stock symbol HD at NYSE. It is headquartered in the state of Georgia, US. Even though it is a US-based company, its stores operate not only in the US but also other countries such as Canada. In total there are more than 2000 their store locations around the world. If you have been in one of them and made a purchase recently, you may have been invited to take part in their opinion survey. This is a customer satisfaction survey which is designed to collect customers’ feedback and shopping experience. This feedback survey is only available to their customers and the User ID and password on the order receipt are required for survey participation.

How to Take the Home Depot Opinion survey online
1. Go online and visit The same survey website can also be reached through or the link “Home Depot Opinion” located at the customer service section at the home page
2. Choose the language in which you want do the customer survey. There are 3 languages you can choose from, namely English, French or Spanish.
3. Then enter the zip code (for customers from US) or the postal code (for customers from Canada). If your postal code is not accepted, make sure that you are entering it in the correct format.
4. On the next screen, read their privacy policy and the official rules for the Home Depot customer satisfaction Sweepstakes.
5. To see the survey questions, you need to type in your User ID and password. This information can be found on the receipt from your most recent store visit. If you don’t know where to find the User ID and/or password on your receipt, you may want to take a look of the receipt example shown on the site.
6. Answer all the feedback questions honestly and carefully. Be aware that you cannot go back to change your answer after your submission. This is a common design for quality control purposes in customer satisfaction surveys.
7. Upon completion of the opinion survey, you get a free entry for the prize sweepstakes. The winner of the sweepstakes will get a $5000 gift card. If you have taken the survey, you may want to check the list of previous winners at the following link:

If you have questions or problems with the Home Depot survey, you may find your answers at

To send your feedback to the store and enter the sweepstakes to win $5000 in Home Depot gift cards for free, go to the Home Depot Opinion Survey web site at

November 21, 2010 – Scottrade Job Search is the web address for the Scottrade Jobs Search page.

To pursue career opportunities at Scottrade, you should visit Scottrade is a private discount stock brokerage with more than 400 branches all over America. Set up by its current CEO nearly 30 years ago, Scottrade has grown rapidly through expanding its customer base over the Internet, as well as concentrating on its Chinese clientele through a Chinese language website and a service center staffed by Chinese-speaking stock brokers. In 2008 and 2009, through the depths of the recession, it is one of the few stock brokerages which did not lay off any staff. Currently, it is still expanding, opening 58 new branches this year.

For the last 3 years, the company has appeared on Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for list. In 2010, it ranked 27 on that list. Salaried positions at Scottrade include full benefits, including comprehensive health insurance through a PPO, a dental plan, and an onsite fitness center and subsidized gym memberships for many branches. In addition, the company partially matches employee contributions to their 401(k) plans. Finally, the company takes out life insurance policies on all its associates and employees.
On the Scottrade Jobs website, you are offered a chance to register with the company. Once you have registered online, you can submit your resume to the company, as well as request email alerts for jobs that match your profile. Or you can just browse for available employment opportunities on the web site. If you click on the “Search Jobs” link next to the “Login” link, you will be led to a page where you can click on “Show All Jobs” to view all available jobs.

At this time, there are 90 open positions. Jobs at this company can be divided into 4 main categories : 1) stock brokers, 2) information technology, 3) internships, and 4) others. Jobs such as branch managers and stock brokers require applicants to have passed a stock broking finance exams, and be a qualified stock broker in good standing. Applicants to these jobs usually hold a bachelor’s degree in finance and/or economics. Jobs in the information technology division mainly require a bachelor’s degree in an applicable information technology or related field. Because the company runs an online brokerage, there are many jobs which involve maintaining its database and coding its website. In addition, it also runs an internship program where current undergraduates or recent college graduates can work in the company for a fixed time period. At the end of the internship, Scottrade usually hires about 50% of the interns as full-time employees. Lastly, there is also a smattering of positions in legal and human resource fields. Many of these positions are in St Louis, Missouri, where Scottrade is headquartered.

So, if you want to investigate career opportunities at Scottrade, visit the Scottrade Job Search web site at

November 19, 2010 – Tell Kroger Survey – TellKroger Sweepstakes

At, consumers can take the Tell Kroger Survey and enter into the TellKroger Sweepstakes.

How to participate in the Tell Kroger Survey online?
1. Visit, the official web site for the Kroger customer survey. This TellKroger Survey site is powered by Service Management Group (SMG).
2. Select the language in which you want to take the Tellkroger survey. Now there are two languages that you can choose from: English and Spanish. If you are a Spanish speaker, choose Spanish, otherwise click on the upper link to take it in English.
3. Before answering the Kroger satisfaction survey questions, you need to fill out a short form with information about your most recent shopping trip to participating stores owned by The Kroger Co. On this form, you should enter your shopping date, time, store, terminal, and transaction and operator number. Most importantly, you have to key in the Survey entry code. All this information can be found on your receipt. If it is the first time you are taking the TellKroger survey, you may not know where to find all the information on your receipt. If that is case, you may want to see the receipt example with all the required information highlighted on
4. Answer the Kroger survey with your honest opinions. By taking the TellKroger Survey, customers can share their shopping experience with Kroger. All the information collected in the survey will be studied and analyzed carefully and the result will be used to improve Kroger’s products and services so that they can serve their customers better in the future.
5. After completing the customer satisfaction survey, participants will get a free entry to the Kroger customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes for a chance to win free Kroger gift cards. Multiple winners will be generated by random drawing. Each winner will get a $100 Kroger gift card. For the sweepstakes entry, they will ask you for your contact information, including your name, address, phone number and so on so that they can notify you if you are a lucky winner. If you have concerns about how they will handle your personal information, you may want to read their privacy policy on the TellKroger website.

Actually there are two ways to enter the TellKroger Sweepstakes. People can enter it by taking the Kroger customer survey online at or submitting a mail-in entry. To learn the details, you may want to read the sweepstakes rules on
Kroger is the name of a large supermarket chain, owned by The Kroger Co.. This company also owns several other supermarkets and warehouse stores such as Food4Less, Ralphs, Owen’s, Smith’s and many others. If you bought anything recently at any these stores, you may be invited to participate in the Tell Kroger feedback survey at to win free Kroger grocery gift cards.

Website for taking the Tell Kroger Survey online to enter the TellKroger sweepstakes:

November 17, 2010 – Printable Abuelo’s Coupons – Printable Abuelo’s Coupons
Abuelo’s coupons can save you money when you dine out at your local Abuelo’s restaurant. If you are a smart consumer, you may want to use a printable Abuelo’s coupon to get several dollars off on your next restaurant bill so that you don’t need to pay the full price anymore. Most Abuelos coupons are printable. When you get an Abuelo’s coupon, you simply print it out and bring it to the participating Abuelo’s Mexian food restaurant to enjoy the meal and the savings.

How does one get printable Abuelo’s coupons?

There may be many sources where you can find restaurant coupons. But one reliable way to get printable Abuelo’s coupons is to join their restaurant e-club. Nowadays many restaurants offer similar e-club rewards to their loyal customers. That is also the case for Abuelo’s. By signing up the Abuelo’s e-club, people can enjoy members-exclusive benefits and get communication from them regularly. Sometimes they will run promotions featuring Abuelo’s coupons. Usually they are printable Abuelo’s coupons. They send emails containing the promotion information and the link for coupons to e-club members. These Abuelo’s coupons can be redeemed at participating locations within the promotional period. Usually there is fine print on the coupon describing the terms and exclusions for the coupon. Several types of coupons may be available, which depends on the promotion. For instance, dollars off or buy one get one free (BOGO) offer is commonly seen.

How to sign up for Abuelo’s e-club online?
1. Go to, the official web site of the Abuelo’s restaurant.
2. Click on “E-Club”, the link is on the top of their homepage. Or use this direct link to visit the e-Club sign up page:
3. On the next page, you need to fill out a short sign up form with your name, email, city, state, zip, telephone number, Birthday and Anniversary date. All the fields marked with red stars are required. The others are optional. Most importantly, you need to choose an Abuelo’s location that is closest to where you live since there are 38 Abuelo’s locations scattered across the US.

Abuelo’s Mexian food restaurant originated from the state of Texas. The company opened their first restaurant in Amarillo, TX almost 21 years ago. Today there are restaurants in 15 US states. The web site: is their online presence, where you can buy Abuelo’s gift cards, search for their restaurant locations, view Abuelo’s menu and find almost all the information about it.

Website for signing up Abuelo’s e-club to get printable Abuelo’s coupons in the future:

November 16, 2010

November 15, 2010 – Wikipedia Espanol – Encyclopedia

Find the Wikipedia Espanol at
Wikipedia Espanol is established for Spanish speakers. All the content on the Wikipedia Espanol web site is written in Spanish. There are two ways to access this site. First, you can visit the home page of Wikipedia encyclopedia site at On this page, visitors can select the language they prefer to access the encyclopedia in. There are 10 languages that can be chosen from such as English, Espanol (Spanish), Japanese, Italian, French and so on. But as a multilingual encyclopedia, Wikipedia also covers many other languages. The easiest way to find the information about what you are interested in is to use the Wikipedia search box located on the main page. You type in your search keyword, select the language you prefer from the dropdown list and then perform the search. Second, when people want to visit it in a certain language, they can use the direct link to reach each language subdomain directly. For instance the hyper link for the Wikipedia Espanol page is and the link for the Wikipedia English is

What is Wikipedia?
It is an online encyclopedia project supported by Wikimedia Foundation, a US-based non-profit organization which has a headquarters office in San Francisco, CA. is the official web site for the Wikipedia encyclopedia project. This site has been on the web since 2001. All the contents on the site are generated by volunteers from all over the world. Anybody who visits can participate in editing its articles. People can contributetheir own knowledge, experience and information to the site and help to improve the accuracy and thoroughness of the information on the site. In the past 9 years, due to the contribution from millions internet users, the number of articles in Wikipedia encyclopedia has increased dramatically. Right now there are more than 3 million articles in English and 16 million articles in total on And this number is still increasing. Wikipedia encyclopedia is a web-based knowledge database and it is free to access for all the web surfers. This web-based encyclopedia is available in multiple languages. So no matter where you live and no matter which language you read or write in, if you like, you can write your own article and contribute to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia project. is a good web site to find answers to your questions online. To find the content related to your question quickly, you just make sure that you use a good keyword. Since almost all the related content on the site are linked together, you can easily to find all the information related to the topic you are interested in.

Website for Wikpedia Encyclopedia:

November 14, 2010 – Shoppers Customer Satisfaction Survey | Shoppers Food Warehouse is the official web site for consumers to take the Shoppers customer satisfaction survey online. By spending several minutes to take this Shoppers survey and sharing their recent shopping experiences in Shoppers Food & Pharmacy Supermarket, consumers can get free opportunities to enter a weekly sweepstakes. The winner of the weekly drawing will get a $100 free Shoppers gift card as the prize.

To do the survey on, you need to get your receipt from your recent shopping trip to Shoppers Food Warehouse stores ready. On the receipt, you will find a code to unlock the survey questions. The code is a serial number in the invitation section on the bottom of the receipt. If you cannot access the survey questions due to technique issues and/or have any question, you can reach their customer service by calling 1-877-932-7948.

On the Shopperslistens site, you can also find the link for the detailed sweepstakes rules and their privacy policy. By checking the sweepstakes rules, you will know whether you are eligible for participation in the sweepstakes. And you will also learn the drawing entry deadline and about how to enter the Shoppers Food & Pharmacy Survey Sweepstakes. Basically, there are 3 ways to enter the free gift card drawing. No customer survey completion or purchase required. Actually survey participation will not increase the chance of winning a prize.

If you only want to send your feedback to the company, you do not necessarily have to enter the sweepstakes. It is totally optional. But if you do want to get the free entry, you have to provide your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number and so on. If you are the lucky winner, they can use this information to confirm your identity and to claim the prize.

How to Take the Shoppers Customer Satisfaction Survey online
1. Visit, the official website of the Shoppers Customer Satisfaction Survey online. This survey is available both in English and Spanish. So you need to select your preferred language first. You may also need to type in the CAPTCHA verification words before starting the survey. The Shoppers Food & Pharmacy customer survey is hosted on
2. To unlock the survey questionnaire, the invitation code is required. You can find it on the lower part of the receipt and it is a 16 digit number.
3. During answering the survey questions, you will make your choices and give your opinions carefully and honestly. It is a pretty short survey to do. You can finish it within minutes.
4. At the end of the survey, you will be asked about some questions about you and your family. This information will be used for classification purpose only.
5. Upon finishing the Shoppers customer satisfaction survey, you can choose whether you want to enter the sweepstakes. If your answer is yes, you have to fill out a short form with your name, address and other contact information.
Please note that the free sweepstakes entry may only be a time-limited offer. And the consumers have to take part in the online survey within 3 days after they made the purchase at Shoppers Food & Pharmacy stores.

Web Site:

November 13, 2010 – Panda Express Guest Survey

Participate in the Panda Express Guest Survey online at is the web page for Panda Express customers to take their guest survey online. This web site is powered by, a company specialized in customer experience management products and services. The Panda Express survey site is available in two languages including English and Spanish. English is the default language of the survey site.

If you have recently visited participating Panda Express locations and purchased their gourmet Chinese food, you will be invited to take the  customer satisfaction survey within 2 days of your visit. This Panda Express Survey can be taken on the phone by calling 1-888-51-PANDA (72632) or on the internet at The survey incentive is a free entrée item with an order of any 2-entrée plate on your next visit to a participating Panda Express location. The following are step by step instructions on how to take the survey on the web.

How to participate in Panda Express Guest Survey online to receive a FREE entrée item with purchase
1. Go to the Panda Express survey site at When typing this URL into your web browser, you will be redirected to this link:
2. Select your preferred language from the dropdown list located on the top right hand side of the page. This customer satisfaction survey can be taken in either English or Spanish.
3. Enter the receipt code in the white box on the middle lower part of the page. The receipt code is also known as the Panda Express survey code or Panda Express survey number which can be found on your receipt. The survey code is a series of number containing 16 digits. After typing in the code, click on the green button “Begin Survey” and then you can start to answer the survey questions. It is a very short feedback survey questionnaire and usually you can finish it within several minutes.
4. Answer the survey questions and share your dining experience with the managers of their restaurants.
5. After answering all the feedback questions, you also need to answer several questions about you. The information collected in these questions will be used for classification purposes.
6. At the end of the survey, you have the option to enter your email address if you want to receive special offers or other survey opportunities from them in the future.
7. After finishing the satisfaction survey, you will get a validation code. This Validation code is very important. You should write it down on the back of the receipt where you find the Panda Express survey code to unlock the questions. Next time when you visit participating locations, you can redeem the receipt with the validation code written on the back for a free entrée item when purchasing a 2 entrée plate.
Website for taking Panda Express  Survey online:

November 12, 2010 – Telephone Number for Amazon Customer Service – Telephone Number for Amazon Customer Service

Here, you will learn how to find Amazon customer service phone numbers on and how to contact customer service.

If it is the first time for you to try to contact them, you may find that it is not easy to find the phone number for Amazon customer service on the homepage of their site.

These days many online retailers put a contact link or their customer service phone numbers directly on their website home page. But that is the not the case for Amazon. Instead, there is a very useful HELP section on which covers almost all the topics about shopping on Amazon, ranging from shipping and delivery, returns and refunds, review and change orders and so on. The link for the HELP section is listed on both the top and bottom of the Amazon home page. On the right hand side of the Help section, there is a yellow button “Contact Us”. If the information provided on their site cannot answer your questions or concerns, you may want to talk to an Amazon customer service associate. Then you will need to click on the “Contact Us” button. To contact them, you need to login to your Amazon account with your username and password.

If you don’t have an account, you may want to try calling 1-866-749-7539. This toll free number is the phone number for customer service but an automated system will pick up the phone at this number. International customers may use 1-206-266-2992 as the customer service phone number.

Then the question is how to contact an customer service associate directly? To do this, you need to login to your account first. In your account, you will find that there are 3 ways to reach them: Email, Chat and Phone. By choosing the “Phone”, you will see a short form for Amazon Call Me Service on the next page. The Call Me Service will allow one of their customer service associate to call you at the phone number and time you defined. To fill out the form, you have to choose the country or region you live in from a drop-down list, key in your phone number which you want to use to receive the phone call, and let them know when they should call. You can choose “Now” or “in 5 minutes”. Click on the “Call Me” button and you can wait for their call.

What are benefits of the Call Me Service?
There are two major benefits of this system. First, you will save some time since you don’t need to wait on the line to talk to a representative. Second, the associate who calls you will know who you are and what orders you have placed recently since you use the Call Me Service in your account and your transaction history is recorded in your account. You don’t need to spend time telling them who you are and what your account number or customer number is. And the associate doesn’t need to type in your information into the computer and get out your record while you are waiting on the phone. Since provides this Call Me Service, which is more efficient than the typical customer service line, this is why you it is difficult to find the phone number for’s customer service. is the website for Amazon, one of the major online retailers in the United States. This web site is owned by, Inc., a US-based company which has a headquarters office located in Seattle, Washington. This company is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ with the stock symbol AMZN. People who are interested in its business may invest in it by purchasing its stock.

Telephone numbers for Amazon customer service automated system:
1-866-749-7539 (for customers living in the US),
1-202-266-2992 (for international customers)


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