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June 21, 2010 | Best Dating Site Online | Find Your Perfect Match on the Internet

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Check out, the best dating sites online to find your perfect match today. Are you a single looking for a date? Have you considered the possibility of finding your true love on the internet?

Why people like
These days there are so many matchmaking services on the internet. Some of them provide free online dating services, the others provide fee-based dating services. This online matchmaking site is not a completely free online matchmaking site, but part of their services is free. is one of the best dating websites online because they have a huge database for your mate selection.

How to find your perfect match online
You can create a profile and put it into the database, which allows your future mate to find you. You can also search their date personals database to find your perfect match. At their website, you can do a quick search or run an advanced search with more options. The search function on is free. When you run a quick search on, you first choose your potential mates’ sex, age, location and other criteria and you can choose whether you want to see their detailed profile information or just their photos. You can refine your search results by setting criteria for their body types, heights, faith, smoking or drink habits, education background and more characteristics.
Tips for online dating
If you are new to online dating, you may also want to read their dating articles to get some advice on dating and relationships. For instance, they have sections on how online dating works, online dating safety tips, relationship tips and online matchmaking success stories.

To learn more on how to meet singles online or how to find your perfect match on the internet, visit, the best dating site online. | JCPsurvey Web Site | How to Take JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey Online

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Take the JC Penney customer satisfaction survey online at the JCPsurvey web site with the link: This website surveys the satisfaction of customers of JC Penney department stores. If you have recently shopped at their stores, you may want to share your shopping experience. Let them know what you think about JC Penney’s services. Your feedbacks are appreciated by JC Penney since your valuable opinion will help them to improve their products and services. If you are interested in taking JC Penney survey, continue to read…

How to take JC Penney customer satisfaction survey online at
1. Turn your web browser to, the official website of JCPenney customer survey. The JCPenney customer survey is available both in English and in Spanish version. You can choose according to your preferences.
2. Get the JC Penney receipt from your recent purchase and find the 22 digit JCPsurvey access code at the bottom of the receipt.
3. Type in the 22 digit JCP survey access code and then continue.
4. You need to fill out a form and answer several JC Penney survey questions regarding your shopping experience and your personal preferences. You may need to give your personal information during the JCPsurvey such as your name, email, and other contact information.

Please be aware that the JCPsurvey access code found on your receipt is only valid within a limited time. You should use it to access JCPsurvey before it expires. If you want JC Penny Department stores serve you better in the future, tell them what you want by taking their survey online. To learn more on how to take JC Penny customer satisfaction survey online, visit the JCPsurvey site at | French-English Dictionary | Learning French Online

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Find free French-English dictionary and English-French dictionary at

If you are interested in learning French online, one web site you want to visit is This site provides many free resources for people who want to learn French online by themselves.

Free learning resources found on the site

1. You can find a free French-English dictionary and a free English-French dictionary at this website
2. You can use the free online translators to automatically translate French into English or vice versa.
3. You can learn basic French words, phrases, and grammar at this site. They also provide free vocabulary flash cards for you to print out. You can use these flash cards while learning the vocabulary. There are interactive guides available to help you study the grammar as well.
4. This website also offer free online word games. You can play crosswords and word search games on their website, which will help you learn the vocabulary faster.
5. If you want to learn on the road, you can download French-English WAP dictionary to your mobile phone or PDA. You can also find downloadable word games for mobile phones including Mots cachés (Wordsearch) and Le Pendu (Hangman).
6. Other things you can find at this website: If you need professional translation services, you may also want to look into this website. If you need to check some French computer or internet related terms, you may find them at this website as well.

In conclusion, is a good website providing many free learning resources including French-English dictionary,  an online translator and more. This site is designed for people who want to learn a second language online.

June 20, 2010 | SmartyPig Australia

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Do you want to get a piggy bank for your kids so that you can teach them financial responsibility? If so, you can get your kids an online piggy bank account at, the official website of SmartyPig Australia.What is SmartyPig? It is a savings program offered by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, a major bank in Australia. Smartypig aims to help people who want to achieve a financial goal, for instance a dream vacation or a brand new car. When people want to buy an expensive luxury, some will save until they have enough money to buy, while others simply put the bill on their credit cards. The latter often leads to future financial problems from credit card debts. It helps you save up for your financial goals, and allows you to enjoy your luxurious purchase without worries and credit card debt. While an online piggy bank may not seem different from a conventional piggy bank on your table; the online version is better since you don’t need to pay anything to open a savings account at SmartyPig, and you can earn interest from the money deposited in your account. It provides a fun way to save money. Let’s take a look of the benefits of using SmartyPig.

SmartyPig Australia Review:

1. SmartyPig offers a pretty high annual percentage yield (APY). Currently, SmartyPig Australia offers 5.25% APY which is a good rate compared to other regular savings accounts.
2.It is free and easy to open a savings account at You don’t need to pay any money to deposit or withdraw money from your account.
3. It is a fun way to save money for your specific goals. At SmartyPig, you can set a savings goal ranging from $250 to $100,000. You can deposit money regularly in your SmartPig account to gradually achieve your goal. The minimum initial deposit amount is $10.To learn more on how Smartypig Australia works, visit
4.You can open your SmartyPig savings goal to the public and let your friends or family know what you are saving for. If they want to help you to reach your goal, they can contribute to your SmartyPig account as well. This will help you to reach your goal faster.
5. Redeeming your SmartyPig savings for SmartyPig partners gift cards will help you save more money. After reaching your saving goals at Smartypig Australia, you can transfer money back into your regular bank savings account, spend them using the SmartyPig debit card, withdraw your money on an ATM, or you can exchange them into SmartyPig partners gift cards with extra money credit added. For instance, if a SmartyPig partner offers 105% exchange rate, you can redeem $100 in your account to get $105 in its gift card. This will definitely help you save more money.
6.You can use it to teach your kids how to save money to get what they want. It will benefit your kids for their whole lives if they can learn how to be financially responsible. At this time, SmartyPig only allows people aged 16 years or older to open accounts. If you have a kid younger than 16, you can open an account for your kid and add him or her as a co-owner of the account so that he or she can contribute to the savings and watch the progress towards the savings goal.

Caveats of using
1. If your friends want to make a contribution to your account using a credit card, they have to pay a small percentage fee. Currently, the fee is 1.5% of the total transaction.
2. Gift cards are not as good as cash. Even though you can save more money by exchanging your SmartyPig money into gift cards under certain conditions, all of the gift cards come with terms and conditions. Make sure you carefully read them before making any decision.
3. SmartyPig Australia doesn’t allow withdraw your money by cheque. But you can transfer the money to your bank account.
4. Smartypig Australia only serves Australian residents. Smartypig saving program was lauched in 2008 in US. If you live in US and want to use Smartypig services, you can visit the Smartypig US site at

In conclusion, if you want to save money for a specific goal or get your kid a piggy bank online, you should check out Smartypig Australia at

Customer complaints of Smartypig, here
SmartyPig Review at PCworld | Apply for Sbi Bank Credit Cards |

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Apply for Sbi bank credit cards or make a Sbicard online payment at Sbi cards are credit cards issued by the state bank of India. A similar sounding website,, is just an incorrect unrelated website. is designed to serve Indian credit card users and people who are interested in getting  Sbi products. There are several pieces of information available at this site:

1. You can learn about promotions and hot deals associated with Sbi credit cards, such as balance transfers at low rates, shopping rewards program, insurance offers, Flexipay and so on.

2. You can learn detailed information on the Sbi cards you are interested in. Currently, the bank offers a variety of card products including the SBI platinum card, NRI platinum card, SBI gold card, silver card and other cards. All these products can be compared at When you have made a decision, you can apply for the cards at the same site.

3. You can make a payment on your monthly card bill or your utility bill at the site. At the site, you can also top-up and recharge your debit cards. At the Sbicard login webpage, you can manage your account online by using user name and password to login to your Sbicard online account. Paying your card bills online will get your financial life much easier. If you don’t have a Sbicard online account, you can easily register for one at the Sbicard login page.

4. If you have problems or questions regarding your card, you can get help from Sbicard customer services. You can reach them by phone, mail, email and fax. The detailed contact information for Sbicard customer services are available at
To learn more on how to apply for Sbi bank credit cards or how to make a Sbicard online payment, visit

June 19, 2010 | The Brick Canada Furniture Store

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Find furniture hot deals at, The Brick Canada furniture online store. is the official website of The Brick Canada, operated by The Brick Warehouse LP, which specializes in selling furniture, mattresses, consumer electronics and home appliances.

If you need to buy a new microfiber sofa, you should visit this website because they have a large selection and good prices. Currently in their hot deals section, a marley microfiber sofa with coffee color is on sale for only $399. To find microfiber sofa bargains, you also do not want to forget to check their Clearance section.

The online store sells not only furniture but also consumer electronics and other home decoration items. For instance, at this time, a 26″ Toshiba LCD TV and an Inglis Top-mount refrigerator are on sale at their site. These hot deals are only good for limited time. For frugal shopping, you can view the flyers of your local store for their special promotions at

If you want to visit your local The Brick store, you can find one using the store locator on the site. The Brick store also provides a Brick Platinum Card to help you save even more money. You can find detailed information about the terms and card benefits of Brick Platinum Card at You can also apply for a Brick Platinum Card on their website.

In order to serve you better, The Brick Canada website has both English and French versions. You can choose either one of them according to your own preference. To learn more about saving money shopping at The Brick Canada furniture store, visit their website at – ChaseBank Online Account Login

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The correct website to log into your Chase bank account is, and not The latter site will just give you a 404 error. The former is the official website of Chase Bank, one of the major money-center banks in the US. It is one of the Big Four banks, with diverse divisions, including hedge fund operations, retail and institutional banking, card services, and more. It has also the third largest depositor base in the United States, behind Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and therefore has millions of customers.

On this site, you can access your Chase bank account online, check your bank statements, transfer money among your Chase accounts and to external accounts, and schedule bill payments. If you prefer to do your banking with a live person, you can also find out the nearest Chase bank branches, as well as the nearest ATM machines, on this website. So, for all your online banking needs, visit, not – OAG Texas Child Support Services

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Visit OAG Texas Child Support Services website at

OAG’S child support division provides its services Texas legal residents. OAG’S division gives many facilities to those parents who need supports for their children. The Texas Child support program helps families and parents who are suffering from critical conditions, mental or physical difficulties and tragedy.

The website to this program is dedicated to help people who need to support their children. This web site is owned by OAG’S Child Support Division under the office of general attorney of Texas. OAG’S division is responsible for helping children live a happy and healthy life. The site of this program provides information about child support services,  guidelines,  laws, parental rights of child custody.If you are a father and want to know a father’s rights on support payments, you will be benefit from visiting By clicking on links of different sections on the site, visitors can find their desired information such as how to apply for support enforcement services and how to make a payment for that purpose.

If you have questions about the above issues, you should pay a visit to – Child Support Enforcement Agency in Texas

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Get help from the child support enforcement agency for the state of Texas at

This is the official website of the Child Support program provided by the office of the Attorney General of Texas. If you need to learn child support information, learn parental rights, find a related office, apply for child support enforcement services or look for helps for your other related issues, you should visit, which provides many services such as finding the absent parent, establishing and enforcing court orders, establishing paternity, collecting and distributing support payments and more.

You can apply for their services such as establishment of paternity and establishment of support on their website, or you can file an application by calling 1-800-252-8014. If you have already filed an application, you can check your case status by logging into your account. The same site also allows people to make support payments.

They also provides links for some useful web sites which help people to learn information on many children related topics such as children’s health insurance, grandparents rights and so on. If you live in Texas and need support enforcement services, look into the Texas Child Support program at

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