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August 3, 2010 – Latest MLB News on MSN Fox Sports

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For the latest MLB news and information, you should pay a visit to

Http:// is the official website of Fox Sports, the division of Fox Broadcasting Company that is dedicated to sports coverage. Fox Sports frequently has exclusive coverage of major sports events, and is generally well-respected for their sports coverage and analysis.

What information can you find at

At, you can find a treasure trove of information about Major League Baseball (MLB). There is the usual postgame analysis and comments, along with a chance for readers to share their opinions. You can view video replays of exciting moments from recent games.

There is also extensive coverage of player trades and analysis of team management hits and misses. For example, MLB on Fox Sports is right now featuring Trade Central 2010, with stats and analysis for every player and every deal.

There are also frequent polls where you can express your opinion on various baseball topics, such as which MLB team is the biggest winner at the MLB trade deadline.

The Fox Sports MLB site also provides a large amount of raw data and stats, such as the team roster and stats for every team on both the American and the National Leagues, the current standings for each team, and the past and upcoming schedule of games for each team.

You can also find the complete stats for every player in the MLB, either by browsing for the player by team, or searching for the player directly.
You can also take part in the free public fantasy baseball league, where you can draft players and pitch your teams against that of others, with the outcome determined by the players’ statistics during the ongoing season.
Finally, there is also the Fox Sports Store, where you can purchase collectible T-shirts, baseballs, and other memorabilia.

So, for your daily MLB news, go on over to

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