How to Check PA Eppicard Account Balance Online – – Pennsylvania Eppi Card

How to Check PA Eppicard Account Balance Online – – Pennsylvania Eppi Card

Find out how to check PA Eppicard account balance online at

What is
It is the official website of Eppi card where Eppicard holders can access their accounts online. So if you have an eppicard, you should remember since it is also linked to the Eppicard account login page. If you have questions about eppicards, you may find the answer in the FAQ section at the same website.

What is Eppi card?

Eppi card is a debt card issued to payment recipients by several US states including Texas, Virginia, Mississippi and more. Not all the US state issue Eppi card. Eppi card provides a convenient way to receive state payments such as for child support, unemployment benefit and other financial aids. With eppi card, state agency can deposit money in to the eppi card holders’ accounts directly which save the time and energy to send payments by checks. Eppicard can be used as a debit card.You can use the card to make a payment at retailers accepting Visa or Mastercard debit cards as payment methods. You can also get cash from eppicard account at cashiers or ATMs. But Eppi card is not a regular prepaid debit card since you can not deposit money into your debit card account. Only the state agency who issued your eppicard can put money into your eppi card account.

How to check PA Eppicard account balance online?
If you live in Pennsylvania and receive child support or other payments from your state agency, you may have a Pennsylvania EPPicard. If you want to know how to check your account balance online, you may want to continue to read the following information.
1. Visit, the official website of Eppi Card.
2. Choose PA Eppi card. There are two ways to do that. First, you can select Pennsylvania from the drop down list of states found on the upper left of the page.
3. On the next page, choose your PA Eppicard card type, either Child Support Recipients or L&I and SWIF Claimants.
4. If you choose Child Support Recipients PA Eppicard, you will be led to the account login page where you can access your PA Eppic card account starting with entering your User ID. If you are a new user of the online account, you should register an account first.
5. In your PA Eppi card online account, you can check your balance and transaction history
6. Besides checking your account balance online at, you can also check it at ATM or by contacting PA Eppicard customer services.

To learn more on Eppicard or how to check your account balance online, visit the Eppicard website at

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