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June 13, 2010

How to Check JP Morgan Chase Bank CD Rates Online

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How to Check JPMorgan Chase Bank CD Rates Online

This simple guide shows you how to check JPMorgan Chase bank CD rates online.
Why do people want to put their money in JPMorgan Chase Bank Certificates of Deposit (CD) saving accounts? One reason is that JPMorgan Chase Bank is a member of FDIC. This means small saving accounts at the bank are insured by FDIC and the money in Chase Bank CD accounts are safe even when if the bank files for bankruptcy. Compared to mutual funds and stocks, CDs are relatively low risk or no risk investments. But the risk/return for CDs is better than other low risk investments such as checking accounts and regular saving accounts, since they usually come with higher Annual Percentage Yields (APY).If a CD comes with higher APY, this means you will earn more interest from the money you deposited in the CD account. But CDs also have shortcomings. The major one is that CDs are not as flexible as regular saving accounts. You can not withdraw your money earlier than the CD’s mature date unless you want to take the penalties. CDs with different terms come with different CD rates. Usually CDs with longer term have higher APY. For instance, 12-month CDs have 0.25% APY; 24-month CDs have 1.01%. The economy is changing over time and CD rates are adjusted correspondingly. But within the CD term, you can earn a fixed rate of interest from your investment. That is why if you consider investing in Chase Bank CD accounts, you have to check Chase CD rates.

There are many ways to check their CD Rates: in their local bank branch office or online at, the website for Chase Bank Online.

To check JPMorgan Chase Bank CD Rates Online, you need to visit At this site, you will see all the personal and business banking services and products offered by the bank, including checking and saving accounts, chase creditcards, debit cards, chase student loans, mortgage loans, home equity loans, 401(k) retirement plans and more. In the middle of the page, you will see “CDs” under the personal banking section. You click the link “CD”. On the next page, you will be asked to put in your zip code since chase CD rates vary from location to location. After that, you will be lead to the Chase CD rates page where you can find different terms Chase CD with corresponding APY. In general, CD accounts with more opening deposit money have higher APY. For instance, currently Chase bank offers 1.5% APY for 24-month CDs with $10,000 minimum opening deposit. However, the APY for 24-month CDs with $1000 minimum opening deposit is only 1.01%. That is almost 50% difference. On the JPMorgan Chase Bank CD rats checking site, you can also find a CD calculator which may help you to do the math when you design your investment plans. If you want to check the current JPMorgan Chase CD rates and find the details about FDIC coverage for chase bank CDs, you should follow the guide described above and visit the Chase Bank Online site at

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