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June 20, 2010 | SmartyPig Australia

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Do you want to get a piggy bank for your kids so that you can teach them financial responsibility? If so, you can get your kids an online piggy bank account at, the official website of SmartyPig Australia.What is SmartyPig? It is a savings program offered by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, a major bank in Australia. Smartypig aims to help people who want to achieve a financial goal, for instance a dream vacation or a brand new car. When people want to buy an expensive luxury, some will save until they have enough money to buy, while others simply put the bill on their credit cards. The latter often leads to future financial problems from credit card debts. It helps you save up for your financial goals, and allows you to enjoy your luxurious purchase without worries and credit card debt. While an online piggy bank may not seem different from a conventional piggy bank on your table; the online version is better since you don’t need to pay anything to open a savings account at SmartyPig, and you can earn interest from the money deposited in your account. It provides a fun way to save money. Let’s take a look of the benefits of using SmartyPig.

SmartyPig Australia Review:

1. SmartyPig offers a pretty high annual percentage yield (APY). Currently, SmartyPig Australia offers 5.25% APY which is a good rate compared to other regular savings accounts.
2.It is free and easy to open a savings account at You don’t need to pay any money to deposit or withdraw money from your account.
3. It is a fun way to save money for your specific goals. At SmartyPig, you can set a savings goal ranging from $250 to $100,000. You can deposit money regularly in your SmartPig account to gradually achieve your goal. The minimum initial deposit amount is $10.To learn more on how Smartypig Australia works, visit
4.You can open your SmartyPig savings goal to the public and let your friends or family know what you are saving for. If they want to help you to reach your goal, they can contribute to your SmartyPig account as well. This will help you to reach your goal faster.
5. Redeeming your SmartyPig savings for SmartyPig partners gift cards will help you save more money. After reaching your saving goals at Smartypig Australia, you can transfer money back into your regular bank savings account, spend them using the SmartyPig debit card, withdraw your money on an ATM, or you can exchange them into SmartyPig partners gift cards with extra money credit added. For instance, if a SmartyPig partner offers 105% exchange rate, you can redeem $100 in your account to get $105 in its gift card. This will definitely help you save more money.
6.You can use it to teach your kids how to save money to get what they want. It will benefit your kids for their whole lives if they can learn how to be financially responsible. At this time, SmartyPig only allows people aged 16 years or older to open accounts. If you have a kid younger than 16, you can open an account for your kid and add him or her as a co-owner of the account so that he or she can contribute to the savings and watch the progress towards the savings goal.

Caveats of using
1. If your friends want to make a contribution to your account using a credit card, they have to pay a small percentage fee. Currently, the fee is 1.5% of the total transaction.
2. Gift cards are not as good as cash. Even though you can save more money by exchanging your SmartyPig money into gift cards under certain conditions, all of the gift cards come with terms and conditions. Make sure you carefully read them before making any decision.
3. SmartyPig Australia doesn’t allow withdraw your money by cheque. But you can transfer the money to your bank account.
4. Smartypig Australia only serves Australian residents. Smartypig saving program was lauched in 2008 in US. If you live in US and want to use Smartypig services, you can visit the Smartypig US site at

In conclusion, if you want to save money for a specific goal or get your kid a piggy bank online, you should check out Smartypig Australia at

Customer complaints of Smartypig, here
SmartyPig Review at PCworld | Apply for Sbi Bank Credit Cards |

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Apply for Sbi bank credit cards or make a Sbicard online payment at Sbi cards are credit cards issued by the state bank of India. A similar sounding website,, is just an incorrect unrelated website. is designed to serve Indian credit card users and people who are interested in getting  Sbi products. There are several pieces of information available at this site:

1. You can learn about promotions and hot deals associated with Sbi credit cards, such as balance transfers at low rates, shopping rewards program, insurance offers, Flexipay and so on.

2. You can learn detailed information on the Sbi cards you are interested in. Currently, the bank offers a variety of card products including the SBI platinum card, NRI platinum card, SBI gold card, silver card and other cards. All these products can be compared at When you have made a decision, you can apply for the cards at the same site.

3. You can make a payment on your monthly card bill or your utility bill at the site. At the site, you can also top-up and recharge your debit cards. At the Sbicard login webpage, you can manage your account online by using user name and password to login to your Sbicard online account. Paying your card bills online will get your financial life much easier. If you don’t have a Sbicard online account, you can easily register for one at the Sbicard login page.

4. If you have problems or questions regarding your card, you can get help from Sbicard customer services. You can reach them by phone, mail, email and fax. The detailed contact information for Sbicard customer services are available at
To learn more on how to apply for Sbi bank credit cards or how to make a Sbicard online payment, visit

June 19, 2010 – ChaseBank Online Account Login

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The correct website to log into your Chase bank account is, and not The latter site will just give you a 404 error. The former is the official website of Chase Bank, one of the major money-center banks in the US. It is one of the Big Four banks, with diverse divisions, including hedge fund operations, retail and institutional banking, card services, and more. It has also the third largest depositor base in the United States, behind Wells Fargo and Bank of America, and therefore has millions of customers.

On this site, you can access your Chase bank account online, check your bank statements, transfer money among your Chase accounts and to external accounts, and schedule bill payments. If you prefer to do your banking with a live person, you can also find out the nearest Chase bank branches, as well as the nearest ATM machines, on this website. So, for all your online banking needs, visit, not

June 13, 2010

How to Check JP Morgan Chase Bank CD Rates Online

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How to Check JPMorgan Chase Bank CD Rates Online

This simple guide shows you how to check JPMorgan Chase bank CD rates online.
Why do people want to put their money in JPMorgan Chase Bank Certificates of Deposit (CD) saving accounts? One reason is that JPMorgan Chase Bank is a member of FDIC. This means small saving accounts at the bank are insured by FDIC and the money in Chase Bank CD accounts are safe even when if the bank files for bankruptcy. Compared to mutual funds and stocks, CDs are relatively low risk or no risk investments. But the risk/return for CDs is better than other low risk investments such as checking accounts and regular saving accounts, since they usually come with higher Annual Percentage Yields (APY).If a CD comes with higher APY, this means you will earn more interest from the money you deposited in the CD account. But CDs also have shortcomings. The major one is that CDs are not as flexible as regular saving accounts. You can not withdraw your money earlier than the CD’s mature date unless you want to take the penalties. CDs with different terms come with different CD rates. Usually CDs with longer term have higher APY. For instance, 12-month CDs have 0.25% APY; 24-month CDs have 1.01%. The economy is changing over time and CD rates are adjusted correspondingly. But within the CD term, you can earn a fixed rate of interest from your investment. That is why if you consider investing in Chase Bank CD accounts, you have to check Chase CD rates.

There are many ways to check their CD Rates: in their local bank branch office or online at, the website for Chase Bank Online.

To check JPMorgan Chase Bank CD Rates Online, you need to visit At this site, you will see all the personal and business banking services and products offered by the bank, including checking and saving accounts, chase creditcards, debit cards, chase student loans, mortgage loans, home equity loans, 401(k) retirement plans and more. In the middle of the page, you will see “CDs” under the personal banking section. You click the link “CD”. On the next page, you will be asked to put in your zip code since chase CD rates vary from location to location. After that, you will be lead to the Chase CD rates page where you can find different terms Chase CD with corresponding APY. In general, CD accounts with more opening deposit money have higher APY. For instance, currently Chase bank offers 1.5% APY for 24-month CDs with $10,000 minimum opening deposit. However, the APY for 24-month CDs with $1000 minimum opening deposit is only 1.01%. That is almost 50% difference. On the JPMorgan Chase Bank CD rats checking site, you can also find a CD calculator which may help you to do the math when you design your investment plans. If you want to check the current JPMorgan Chase CD rates and find the details about FDIC coverage for chase bank CDs, you should follow the guide described above and visit the Chase Bank Online site at

June 12, 2010 – How to Get Old Navy Free Shipping Coupon Codes

Filed under: Finance,Money & Investing,Shopping — Tags: , , , , — Paul @ 6:08 pm is the webpage of GapCard and Gap Visa Card. This site is particularly interesting to customers who want to save money on their apparel purchase.

Many people like shopping clothes in Old Navy stores, especially shopping at OldNavy online store. Here I am going to tell you how to get Old Navy free shipping coupon codes and save money shopping at OldNavy online store

There are many ways to get free shipping coupon codes for Old Navy online shopping. One way is to get a Gapcard or to become Gap Silver cardmembers. Gap Card and Gap Visa Card are two retail store credit cards offered by Gap, Inc. the company owns 5 fashion retail stores including Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta. Currently, they are offering free shipping coupon code: MYCARD to Gap Card and Gap Silver cardmembers to save on their qualified purchase made at,,, and

If you are a frequent shopper at these fashion stores and you are looking for a rewards credit card, you may want to look into these rewards credit cards. Because they offer many benefits. You can use them to earn reward points while shopping at retail stores owned by the company (the rewards rate: 5 points per $1 spent) and at other stores which accept Visa credit cards (the rewards rate: 1 point per $1 spent). The points can be redeemed for cash reward card at 1000 points for $10 exchange rate. Besides earning rewards, these card-holders can also enjoy other benefits such as getting shipping for $100 or more order at,,, and,  saving 10% every Tuesday at participating Gap, Old Navy and Piperlime stores, managing and paying credit cards bill online and receiving cardholds exclusive saving offers.

If you want to enjoy more rewards and benefits, you can upgrade to be a gap silver cardmember. Once you became a silver cardmember, you can get free shipping on all your orders at their online stores. Gap Silver Card users can also enjoy special saving offers such as Triple Points Days and 15% off Sale Day Offer. After reading this guide, you may want to visit find the detailed benefits and terms for these two rewards credit cards.

To save more money shopping at, you can stack Gapcard saving offers with other coupon codes and online shopping cash back. For instance, you can find coupons codes at Mrrebates and you can earn 3% cash back for your qualified purchase while shopping through But if you are a frequent shopper at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy or other stores owned by the same company, you may like to have these rewards credit cards to help you save money.

June 11, 2010

How to Pay Your Chase Bank Credit Card Bill Online |

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How to pay your chase bank credit card bill online at the chase online bill payment web site.

First you should know that there are many ways to pay your chase bank credit card bill. If you don’t feel comfortable to pay bill online, you don’t need to do it, since there are still many other options. For instance, you can use the conventional way to mail your checks to chase bank for your bill payment or send money to them by western union, Ach or wire transfer. Paying your bill on the phone by calling chase credit card customer service is another option. Different payment methods come with different advantage and disadvantage. You should fully understand them before making a choice.

To pay your bill online, please visit the chase credit card account login web site. At this site, you can access your account by typing in your online account user ID and password and clicking the green button “Log On”. After logged into your online account, you can view your account statement, check recent transaction and arrange a bill payment. To pay bill online, you need to put in your bank checking account information including the checking account number and bank routing number. Then you can choose how much money you want to pay. You can pay the bill in full or just pay the minimum amount. It is your decision.

If you are chase bank credit card user but new to this chase online payment site, you may want to register your card and sign up for an online account. The enrollment process is easy. It starts from creating a user ID. Remember to choose an account type. If you use a chase business credit card, you should choose business account. Otherwise you just choose personal account. To verify your identity, you also need to send in your personal or business card number, your social security number and your card identification code. When creating the password, remember to use a long and complicated one. It is for security purpose.

If you want to learn more information on how to pay the chase bank credit card bill online at the chase online bill payment web site, please turn the browser to the chase credit card customer service webpage at | Online Bill Payment for Firstpremiercreditcard

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How to make a bill payment for firstpremiercreditcard at premier online web site |

If you are interested in knowing how to make a bill payment for firstpremiercreditcard online, you should visit the premier online website at, a website provided by First Premier Bank.

If you are an existing firstpremiercreditcard user, you can register and login to your premier credit card online account at this website. If you don’t have a premier credit card of the First Premier Bank, you can sign up one at the premier online website as well.

Nowadays, more and more banks or credit card issuers provide the online bill pay service to their cardholders since it is a convenient, secure and environmental-friendly way to pay bill. Why? First, with online billpay, you don’t need to spend time filling out your check and remembering to mail it out. Second, usually online billpay websites come with many security features. So there is no worry that your sensitive information will be stolen by criminals. Most of them guarantee that your identity and your money are safe when using their web site. Lastly, when using online billpay service, you can choose to view your account statements online so that the paper used to print statement will be saved. Saving paper means saving trees. That is why it is an environmental-friendly choice. Go paperless.

To manage your firstpremiercreditcard bill payment online, you need to login your account first with your user name and password. The bill payment process is quite straight forward. It will not take you more than several minutes. But if you have questions on how to make a bill payment for firstpremiercreditcard at premier online web site or other technical issues, you should take a look of the frequently asked question (FAQ) section at their web site or contact the premier credit card customer service for further help.

June 10, 2010 – How to File Arizona Unemployment Claims

How to file Arizona unemployment claims at

If you have financial problems due to unemployment and live in the state of Arizona, you may find financial assistance from Arizona Unemployment Department at

This web site provides information for filing Arizona unemployment insurance benefits and it is the official website of the Arizona Unemployment Services online. This site is only useful for Arizona residents since people living in other US states are not eligible for this benefits.

Please be aware that even for Arizona residents, not everyone is eligible for this benefits. Before filing an unemployment claim, you should check the AZ unemployment benefits eligibility to see whether this financial help is available to you.

If you want to file an AZ unemployment claim or want to learn more on the benefits, you don’t want to miss this web site. This website also has useful information for jobseekers, for instance, announcements for jobseekers workshop and job training programs.

To learn more on how to apply for unemployment benefits in Arizona, you should visit, the website brought to you by the Arizona State government, Department of Economic Security.

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