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December 4, 2010 – MyAlaska Unemployment Insurance Benefits Application Online

To file for Alaska unemployment insurance benefits online, visit, the MyAlaska web site.

How to file for unemployment in Alaska

If you lost your job and have difficulties finding a new job, you may need to file for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to get some financial compensation. For Alaska residents, there are two ways to apply for unemployment benefits. One is online at, the other is over the phone.

If you prefer to file a new UI claim on the phone, you can call the Alaska’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim center in your area. In total, there are 3 UI claim centers in the state of Alaska including the Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks UI claim centers. Here are their telephone numbers respectively: 1-907-269-4700 (Anchorage), 1-907-465-5552 (Juneau), and 1-907-451-2871 (Fairbanks). There is also a toll free number that you can use 1-888-252-2557. When calling this phone number, your call will be routed to the UI claim center near your location.

If you want to apply for UI benefits online, you should go to the MyAlaska website at This web site comes with internet security features so you will see an “s” after “http” in its URL. Before using the services provided by this web site, you should check whether your web browser is compatible with this site. Usually in order to use this site, both Cookies and JavaScript should be enabled. To run the web browser compatibility test, you simply click on the link “Browser Compatibility” link. If your browser is compatible, it should pass the test without any problem and your status should be “passed”. They will also show what type and version of web browser that you are using now.

The My Alaska web site is established for multiple purposes. It serves both individual and business users. To apply for AK unemployment benefits on this web site, you should click on the link “Unemployment Insurance Benefits” under “Individuals”. If this is the first time for you are visiting this site, you need to create an account. During the new account registration process, the username, password and the secret question and its answer will be created and your email will be asked for. The username and password is very important for your Myalaska account login purpose. So you should put them in a safe place. If you forgot your username, you need to provide your registered email so that they can send your username to your email. You can also retrieve your forgotten password, but the process is a little bit different.

In your MyAlaska account, you can apply for Alasak UI benefits. There are some info about you and your last job required for your application such as your name, social security number (SSN#), the contact info of your lost employer and so on.
There are many things that you can do in you MyAlaska account. For instance, you can file bi-weekly benefits even though the bi-weekly benefits can also be applied on the phone by calling VICTOR, an automated telephone claim filing system.

Website for MyAlaska UI claim online:

November 30, 2010 – Alaska Job Center Network

Find information about Alaska jobs at, the official website of the Alaska Job Center Network. is the web address for the The Alaska Job Center Network web site. This website can also be visited through the “Alaska Job Bank” link found on the home page of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) web site (

The main function of this website is to provide a doorway to the website for ALEXsys, Alaska’s Job Bank. ALEXsys stands for Alaska Labor Exchange system. By clicking on the image of Alaska map with the ALEXsys sign in the center of the page, you can enter the web site of Alexsys, the Alaska Job Bank at

The site is designed for both job seekers and employers. If you are new to this site, you can use the Guess Access link to visit Alexsys. But it only gives you limited access. In order to enjoy the full services at Alexsys, you have to register for an account. After account registration, you will get a UserID and password. With these pieces of information, you can log in to your Alexsys account to access specialty services. If you are a job seeker, this site can help you to create a resume, find occupational information and locate position openings in your region. If you need to improve your skills or gain more knowledge, it may also be helpful to visit this site since it also provides education and training information. If you are an employer, you may want to find a candidate for your business or post a job at the Alaska Job Bank. If you are interested in learning more about labor market information, or about information which can help you make a decision on starting salaries to offer, this is also a good site to visit.

Besides the link to ALEXsys, this site also contains many other useful links scattered in 3 sections including “Main Menu”, “Hot Topics” and “Quick Links”. For instance, if you are actively looking for new jobs in Alaska, you may find the ”Job Seeker Resources” (in the Main Menu) section very informative, where you can find military recruiting, local government and other Alaska jobs info. If you are interested in getting a position at Job Fair or an on-site recruitment, you may want to check the recruiting schedules using the Calendar for Job Fairs and Recruitment. The “Job Fairs Calendar” link can be found in the list of quick links on the right hand side of the page.

I am glad to know the ALEXsys website. I think it is informative and helpful. Next time if someone asks me: How to find a job in Alaska or how to do an employment search in Alaska, I will tell them that the Alaska Job Center Network ( is good site to go to.

June 19, 2010 – OAG Texas Child Support Services

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Visit OAG Texas Child Support Services website at

OAG’S child support division provides its services Texas legal residents. OAG’S division gives many facilities to those parents who need supports for their children. The Texas Child support program helps families and parents who are suffering from critical conditions, mental or physical difficulties and tragedy.

The website to this program is dedicated to help people who need to support their children. This web site is owned by OAG’S Child Support Division under the office of general attorney of Texas. OAG’S division is responsible for helping children live a happy and healthy life. The site of this program provides information about child support services,  guidelines,  laws, parental rights of child custody.If you are a father and want to know a father’s rights on support payments, you will be benefit from visiting By clicking on links of different sections on the site, visitors can find their desired information such as how to apply for support enforcement services and how to make a payment for that purpose.

If you have questions about the above issues, you should pay a visit to – Child Support Enforcement Agency in Texas

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Get help from the child support enforcement agency for the state of Texas at

This is the official website of the Child Support program provided by the office of the Attorney General of Texas. If you need to learn child support information, learn parental rights, find a related office, apply for child support enforcement services or look for helps for your other related issues, you should visit, which provides many services such as finding the absent parent, establishing and enforcing court orders, establishing paternity, collecting and distributing support payments and more.

You can apply for their services such as establishment of paternity and establishment of support on their website, or you can file an application by calling 1-800-252-8014. If you have already filed an application, you can check your case status by logging into your account. The same site also allows people to make support payments.

They also provides links for some useful web sites which help people to learn information on many children related topics such as children’s health insurance, grandparents rights and so on. If you live in Texas and need support enforcement services, look into the Texas Child Support program at

June 10, 2010 – How to File Arizona Unemployment Claims

How to file Arizona unemployment claims at

If you have financial problems due to unemployment and live in the state of Arizona, you may find financial assistance from Arizona Unemployment Department at

This web site provides information for filing Arizona unemployment insurance benefits and it is the official website of the Arizona Unemployment Services online. This site is only useful for Arizona residents since people living in other US states are not eligible for this benefits.

Please be aware that even for Arizona residents, not everyone is eligible for this benefits. Before filing an unemployment claim, you should check the AZ unemployment benefits eligibility to see whether this financial help is available to you.

If you want to file an AZ unemployment claim or want to learn more on the benefits, you don’t want to miss this web site. This website also has useful information for jobseekers, for instance, announcements for jobseekers workshop and job training programs.

To learn more on how to apply for unemployment benefits in Arizona, you should visit, the website brought to you by the Arizona State government, Department of Economic Security.

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