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November 1, 2010 | Yahoo Answers | Open Questions | Yahoo Answers | Open Questions

Check out the open questions on Yahoo Answers at
Yahoo Answers is a website where people can share information and knowledge by asking and/or answering questions. Almost any topic can be discussed on the site.
To some people, life is simple. They can handle everything with the knowledge they have acquired. But these people are rare. To most of us, life is full of problems. Most people don’t have enough experience or knowledge to solve the problems they face in their life. That is why they have questions and they want to ask more experienced or knowledgeable people for answers. For instance, kids usually find answers from their parents or teachers; young people usually seek advice from more senior people; adults usually discuss their difficulties with their friends, family or colleagues. But there are some occasions when they don’t want to seek help from their friends and acquaintances. Why? There can be many reasons. The most common one is that they feel embarrassed to ask certain questions. That is why many people like asking questions online and seeking answers from a total stranger.
When you raise a question online, you will most likely not feel as anxious as you do it face to face. You don’t need to worry too much that people will laugh at you because of your silly or embarrassing questions since they don’t know you. Besides, asking questions online may help you find the best solution for your problem since millions of experienced, well-educated, talented people worldwide may like to help you.

Then the question is where to ask questions and find answers on the internet. There are several websites offering this kind of service. The popular websites include Ask, Wiki Answers and Yahoo Answers.

On Yahoo Answers (, users can ask and answer questions and vote for the best answers. To ask a question on it, you need to a Yahoo ID and login to your account. You can add details to the question you want to ask and choose whether to receive email-alert when someone posts an answer. To answer a question, you browse the list of open questions on Yahoo Answers at Only the currently open questions can be answered, the resolved questions cannot. When a new question is posted, it will be left on the list of open questions for 4 days. When answering a question, you can add references such as a post link or a website link in the sources field.

So if you are a warm-hearted knowledgeable person and want to help other people on the Yahoo Answers, you can take a look at what open questions are available on the site. If you know their answers, you may share your views or insights with other people. As you may know, helping other people is a way to find happiness for yourself.


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